Fantasy or making it happen too

Fantasy or making it happen too

By Janna, 19.06.2023

It’s safe to assume that almost everyone fantasizes about sex. Some people like to think back on experiences they had, while others picture all kinds of scenarios. Sexual fantasies are often exciting, sometimes naughty too and maybe even strictly forbidden. Should it be a goal to carry out all your fantasies, or should a fantasy remain something that you only secretly think about without anyone knowing and without you ever actually experiencing it?

Forbidden fruits

People fantasize about many things. What a lot of fantasies have in common is that they contain a forbidden element. People often fantasize about cheating, having sex with the boss or sex in public. These are scenarios they will probably never act out, because they’re just not allowed. Precisely because these situations or relationships are unacceptable in real life, it’s extra thrilling to fantasize about them.


Other common fantasies are, for example, sex with a partner who is much older or much younger, sex with a total stranger or sex for money. These scenarios are not forbidden as such, but society does have an opinion about them, and sexual fantasies like that are kind of taboo. Fear of other people’s opinions can play a role in the choice not to act out a fantasy. Even if you don’t want or dare to act out a fantasy, it can be thrilling to read about it or to just talk about it with a partner. Even if you think it’s hot to share your fantasy with a partner, it doesn’t mean you have to act on it too. Dirty talk alone is often exciting enough.

Extreme fantasies

What’s extreme for some people, might be a daily routine for others. The word “extreme” is relative, so has a different meaning for everyone. Many people secretly fantasize about relationships, positions, actions or outfits they find pretty extreme, but also very exciting and interesting. Many people fantasize about forced sex or very rough sex during which they dominate their partner, or are dominated by them. Not everyone who fantasizes about these kinds of scenarios actually wants to act them out. So, don’t be alarmed if you get turned-on by more extreme fantasies. Just because you think about it and get excited, doesn’t mean you want to make them real.

Make it happen

Everyone fantasizes and everyone fantasizes about all kinds of different things. There are plenty of exciting things you can think of and act on too. If you and your partner share a fantasy, it can be super exciting and thrilling to act it out together. Communicate about what you have in mind and how far you both want to go. With consent, making fantasies come true can be fantastic.

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