These Kamasutra positions are a must

These Kamasutra positions are a must

By Sabine, 14.03.2022

Sure, everyone loves doggy style and the missionary position, but what about those other positions the Kamasutra books are filled with? You might think this is just for the fit people who are able to stretch out their limbs in all directions, but we assure you that’s not necessary at all! How great is it to try out something new together.  Spice it up and drive your lover crazy by trying out these new positions. Fun and pleasure guaranteed. 

The scissors

We start things off easy. You might have tried this before: the woman lies down on her back on something firm, preferably a table with just the right height, her ass just on the edge. The man is able to stand in front of her. The woman lifts her legs up in the air, the man grabs her ankles and crosses the legs, like scissors, and pushes them to his chest. The penis will have less space in the vagina that way and in a way he feels ‘caught’. Lot’s of stimulation during all the rubbing, what’s not to love! 

The oyster

This position is a lot like the missionary position, but with a really nice twist. The woman is not lying down flat on her back, but with a tilted pelvic. When it gets too intense for the legs you can opt for a pillow underneath her bum. 

The pretzel in love 

There are a lot of things to imagine when thinking of a pretzel, but the intimate entanglement is clear. This position can be done lying down as well as in a kneeling position. You are kneeling in front of each other. The woman puts her arms around his neck while he folds his arms around her waist. You both lift your right or left leg up and make sure the feet are positioned flat on the floor. This intimate position leaves enough possibilities to make out, french kiss and gaze upon each other longingly. It’s not just a pretzel, it’s the pretzel in love! 

The worm

This is a quiet position you can do lying down. The man gets on his back on the bed. The woman gets on top, but the other way round. This will be easier when the man parts his legs a bit, so the woman can put her upper body between his legs. It might take some time to find the right rhythm, but it will be worth the try. 

The lustful leg

This is a position to do standing up so it helps if you are fitter. Try it out even if it’s been awhile since you’ve been to the gym, it’s worth the try. As soon as you master it you can do it anywhere you want to. The woman wraps her arms around his neck, and puts her foot on his shoulder. Yes, your foot has to be on his shoulder. If this really is a no go for you, try it with your leg on his under arm. Let’s face it: having sex standing up is really a challenge, but when it works out it is soooo great!

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