5 tips for more spice

5 tips for more spice

By Janna, 05.02.2024

Do you feel like your sex life is dwindling? That’s no reason to panic. First of all, this happens in every relationship, so it’s completely normal for a period to pass where every look doesn’t immediately have you creaming in your seat. Every couple has to deal with this sooner or later. Additionally, this doesn’t have to set your alarm bells off yet, because there’s a good chance that it’s only temporary. Perhaps some major changes are going on in your lives, there might be stress or the change in weather is having an effect on your libido. That’s nothing to worry about, as this will often resolves itself. Don’t you feel like waiting for the monsoon season to return to the Sahara down under? We have listed 5 simple, but effective tips for you here.

Switch sides

You probably didn’t see this coming, but let’s start small. Do you both have a preferred side in bed? Switch sides. By not having a fixed side in bed, you indicate that you are open to adjusting your fixed routine. On the other side of the bed, but also in the fixed script that you may have written together by now. This small change can be an opening to more excitement in bed. 

Watch porn together

Watching alone is probably no problem at all, but by watching together you can learn a lot about your partner’s desires. You can even choose to reenact one together. You can decide how spicy it gets!

Discuss your fantasies

Your sexuality is developing constantly. Maybe you’ve heard about a new trend you’d like to try, or you’re ready to try that one position your partner’s been wanting to try for ages? Whatever it is… discuss it together!

From solo to together

Toys are no longer for solo sex only. Nowadays, there is plenty of choice in fun toys that you can use together. But how about bringing into play the toy that you always have so much fun with solo? Show your partner how hot things get when they are not around. Wanna bet that you can set the fireworks off together too?

Schedule sex

It may not sound very sexy, but there’s a great advantage to scheduling sex. By making time in your diary for a hefty sex session, you’ll have plenty of time for each other. Add to this the fact that you know when you’re going to have sex. How thrilling is that? You can already keep each other posted on all the sexy things you plan to do in the evening. Fire guaranteed! 

Remember: Everything is a phase and nothing has to be perfect. Are you in a slump? Then you’re just in a slump. Keep communicating together, keep making time for each other to do fun things outside of the bedroom too. Then you’ll surely both come out smiling again.

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