Do you want to improve your sexlife? Start running!

Do you want to improve your sexlife? Start running!

By Sabine, 30.08.2021

Are you longing for sex that lasts for hours? Would you like to be horny a lot more than you are now? We’ve got the master tip for you: put on your running shoes!


A British study found that people have better sex when they run on a regular basis. 1576 participants were interviewed, 53% men and 47% women. This is what they concluded:

  • 78% enjoyed sex more after a run.
  • 83% though running added to a better sexlife.
  • 93% told them that running helps to be more confident in the bedroom.
  • 60% told them sex before a race doesn’t influence the running.
  • 68% felt more like having sex after a run

More pros

These are incredible numbers that will make you want to go out and run! But there’s more. The physical effort will boost your libido, because your testosterone level will increase. It also increases your stamina, very convenient for bedroom activities. Running changes your physique and empowers your stamina.

Preventing erectile problems?

They also found significant differences between the sexes. They found that men older than 50, who run at least three hours a week, are 30 percent less likely to experience erectile problems, compared to men that almost never run. Do you need more motivation than this? Get up and run! 

More confidence

Running is also very beneficial for women! Women who run tend to get pregnant sooner than women who (almost) never run or do sports. It also boosts your confidence. 60 % of the women in the study, who were doing sports on a regular basis, rated their sex-appeal above average. Which is nice, right? 

Sex before the game

60% of the participants said sex before the game did not incluence their performance. But there are several theories on the subject. Some claim sex before aggressive sports has a negative influence. Because when you climax the testosterone decreases and this is what you need to go out and perform!  Others claim sex works in a relaxing way which helps you to focus. We like that one best.  


What is Flunning? It’s a new trend, but you probably guess what it is. Flunning happens when you combine running with flirting! So, go out, have a nice run, and before you know it you meet someone hot. Maybe you can do the next run together. 

Have fun! 

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