Why exercise leads to better sex

Why exercise leads to better sex

By Sabine, 08.08.2022

Not only does exercise make your body look at its best, it also leads to a better sex life. Exercise improves your stamina, makes you more flexible and makes your body release endorphines. All these factors lead to an overall improved sex life.

Improved libido
Research shows that regular exercise increases your sex drive. Research done at the University of Texas has found that especially women who have a lowered libido because of taking antidepressants have much to gain from regular exercise. After exercising regularly, their libido improved significantly, as well as the frequency of their orgasms. 

A workout is basically the same as taking a natural viagra pill. More specifically, physical exercise makes your body produce testosterone, also called the ‘lusthormone’. And higher testosterone levels lead to a higher sex drive. In addition to testosterone, your body also releases endorphines during exercise, which is also what your body produces when having sex! And the more your body releases endorphines in the body, the easier it becomes to get turned on. So are you in a sexual rut? Go hit the gym!

Get flexible
A great bonus to regular exercise is that it also helps your flexibility. And of course we don’t need to tell you what that’s good for. So perhaps have a closer look at that Kamasutra book!

Improve your stamina
Exercising regularly boosts your overall fitness and endurance. Going swimming, running or doing fitness  it can all add up. If you have a lot of stamina, you will be able to last longer between the sheets. After all, sex is basically just another workout, albeit a little different from the other ones! So improve your stamina and say bye bye to those cramped up legs from sitting in cowgirl position.

Boost your blood circulation
Sports and exercise also improve your cardiovasculair health. A fancy term, but it comes down to the fact that your cardiovasculair system is in charge of your blood circulation. Since exercise makes your heart pump blood through your body faster, your organs will be better perfused, including your private parts! Hence, a better blood circulation results in a more sensitive vagina and clitoris, which, in turn, increases the intensity and quality of your orgasms.

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