How to keep your vulva healthy, fresh and juicy

We are overwhelmed by information about our vajayjay’s. There are numerous products created to make it smell like roses down there. Unfortunately those products are doing more harm than good for our vulva. There are however enough tips and tricks to help keep you all fresh and healthy!  

  1. Loose the wash emulsions for intimate care and vaginal douches

Like our eyes, the vagina cleans itself. And you don’t wash your eyes out with soap or any other stuff do you? So don’t do it to your vagina, please. Washing it once or twice with lukewarm water is enough. Make sure your labia are free of sperm, toilet paper or menstrual blood while taking a shower and your vagina will balance its own pH value so there will be no unpleasant odor.

  1. Check your products

We advise you to use as little as possible when it comes to intimate cleaning products. But when you do like to use materials like lube or a nice cream for the after shave be sure to use products that don’t contain junk. Ingredients that should be avoided are: glycerine, petroleum, parabens, perfume and not-natural oils. 

  1. Safe sex

A healthy vagina has a pH value of 4-5. The average penis has a value of 5-6 and sperm’s pH value even 7-8. So it’s safe to say that sex really mixes things up! Use a condom when you have multiple partners. And don’t forget to pee after sex. It will help prevent urinary infections.

  1. Let it breathe

Synthetic underwear and tight jeans will make things swelter down under. Make sure your vagina has enough space to breathe by sleeping naked for example. 

  1. Stay hydrated!

Everything you eat and drink influences the health of your vagina.Staying hydrated is the most important thing to do. Drink enough water and moderate your dehydrating liquids like coffee and alcohol. If you keep your body hydrated you will get wet sooner when aroused. 

  1. You are what you eat

Although never scientifically supported, there are claims that your vagina will taste sweeter when you eat a lot of pineapple, mango and citrus fruits. Other people claim that a vegan or vegetarian diet will help to create a sweeter taste. It is never a good idea to put food in your vagina. It’s always fun to play with whipped cream, honey or chocolate sauce but keep it away from your pussy. 

  1. Work it baby

To keep your pelvic muscles into shape you have to use them on a regular base. If you have sex regulary and come a lot, your muscles will stay nice and tight. You are also training them when you go for a run or train your abbs. If you really want to go for it you can do kegel exercises. 

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