10 facts about sex that are just not true
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10 facts about sex that are just not true

By Sabine, 24.12.2020

There are so many myths about sex. Like the assumption ‘men think about sex every seven seconds’ or ‘the first time you have sex your hymen breaks’.  These assumptions are all untrue, even if they’re seen as common knowledge for many people.

The clit is a small button
That’s not true. Some people think it’s just the small thingy on the front, but on the inside of the vagina, the clit is so much bigger. It is in fact the same size as a zucchini! We understand if this is news to you, who would have thought, looking at it from the outside. 

The bigger the foot, the bigger the…
Not true at all. The size of someone’s feet has nothing to do with the size of their penis. A study at the University College Hospitals in Londen has proven this. So if some guy is bragging about the size of his feet, you know that the only thing that is enormously hard, is finding himself some new shoes. 

The Hymen breaks when your cherry is popped
Again, a myth. You might remember the stories about the breaking of your hymen and all the blood it would cause doing it for the first time. But your hymen might already have been broken by the use of tampons, or masturbation. If you experience pain, it’s because you are not relaxed enough, so: relax! 

Vagina: vulva
The vagina is not the same as the vulva, as people might think. The vulva is only the outside, while the vagina concerns the inside. A clear difference.

Sex is only good when you climax
Okay, so climaxing is important and seriously amazing, but they are not needed for having a good little game of sex. Foreplay is what makes sex so hot and delicious. But climaxing is just a big, delightful, plus.

Men only think of sex
Are they really sexedcrazed animals? There’s never been a study that found men thinking of sex every 7 seconds. A study did find that men think of sex 19 times a day. But that isn’t so much, right? 

Coitus interruptus is unsafe
You are probably scared to get preggers by his precum, but you shouldn’t be. There are no sperm cells in precum. However, there could be some swimmers left behind in the urethra, from the last time he climaxed. Also, men tend to ‘unplug’ too late, leaving cum with sperm to get a woman pregnant. So, use a condom, always, if you don’t want to get pregnant!

Masturbating means your partner is a dud in the sack
Bull! Masturbation has nothing to do with the sexual performance of your partner! It’s totally normal to do, for men and women, daily even. Does your lover jerk off twice a day? It’s totally normal and has nothing to do with you. 

Sex just happens
You might think sex comes natural, and is always nice, like in the movies. But it doesn’t and it isn’t. If you want to enjoy good sex you both have to work for it. You might have an offday, sex is just not always perfect.

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