The appeal of red hair

The appeal of red hair

By Emmeline Peaches, 12.01.2019

In fact, all tones of ginger are now celebrated during the annual Kiss A Ginger Day celebrations on January 12th – meant to replace the old schoolboy tradition of Kick A Ginger Day, which takes place in November (red-heads beware).

Kissing someone with ginger hair is something we can definitely get behind, especially given the innate allure of many red-headed individuals.

But what is it about red hair that drives many people insane?

Here are just a few reasons:

#1 Red Heads Are Thrill Seekers (and Riders)

Red heads contain a mutation of the gene MC1R, which comes with a few specific effects, including the ability to produce and access adrenaline with more efficiency.

This makes red heads fierier in many regards, but also more daring, bold, fierce and thrill-seeking.

In short, red heads have the capacity to have more fun and to be more fun in the bedroom.

You never know; that kiss on January 12th might come from a wayward red-head, taking the initiative and pulling you in to a passionate embrace.

#2 Ginger Hair Is Very Rare

The mutation of the MC1R gene is an incredibly rare occurrence, meaning that those with truly ginger hair are also a very rare.

As it stands only 1-2% of the population have true ginger hair, marking them out as the rarest of all hair colorations and coming with the many additional benefits of being ginger.

Most people covet things that are rare or exclusive in life and, although it may be a bit objectifying, most people can’t help but be drawn in by the sexual allure of an encounter with someone out of the ordinary (or, should we say extraordinary?).

#3 Red Heads Have More Sex (and Sexual Experience)

What do they say about making sure that your chauffeur knows how to handle a car?

In two separate studies redheads were shown to have sex more often than other members of the population. In one of the studies redhaired ladies had sex three times a week, compared to two times a week with women of other hair colors.

An increase in sex also inevitably comes with an increase of sexual experience, meaning that your affections for redheaded individuals should be matched with an admiration for their near-inevitable sexual prowess. At least, that’s the science.

The studies were less kind on ginger men, though if people’s lusting looks at the British Princes are anything to go by then the odds might be better than science suggests.

#4 Red Hair Is More Luscious

Thicker too.

This is likely a compensative trait, as those with ginger hair have less strands, but these strands are significantly thicker than those of other hair types.

Red hair often comes out curly, wavy, full-bodies or otherwise wild.

It’s as if red hair was made to be matches with stylish shades of emerald green or a rich flick of the head.

Sporting red hair means that you have the ultimate weapon in the famous ‘snap and pop’ from Legally Blonde.

#5 Red Heads Don’t Become Silver Foxes…

…But, instead, fade to a type of rose gold instead.

This is due to the way that pigmentation works among those with ginger hair.

The silver fox look is appealing, for sure, but there’s something timeless about gold and even more so about roses.

To walk this world with red hair means that you will walk in to old age with a shimmering pale gracefulness that is unmistakable – your ginger locks never truly departing.

The Takeaway

From the hair itself, to the freckles on the face or the paleness of the skin, those with red hair have an innate attraction to them that not everyone gets, but which true appreciators will never forsake.

Putting this aside, though, the true fun lies with those who actually have red hair – the sexual benefits it afford, the genetic rarity of it, and the ability to feel with more intensity and adrenaline that those around you.

Never underestimate the power of a red head, chances are they’re well aware of it and fully confident in the bonuses that it can provide.

Want to watch a sex film with a redhead? Then maybe this is something for you.

DUSK Gingers

Well brunettes are fine man.
And blondes are fun.
But when it comes to getting a dirty job done,
I’ll take a red headed woman

(Bruce Springsteen)

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