How to seduce him in no time
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How to seduce him in no time

By Sabine, 12.12.2019

Every woman, yes every woman, knows how to seduce, including you! It’s all about the mindset.  When you feel sexy, your partner will also see you like that! Being self-assured is quite an attractive quality. However, if you are not that self-assured and you haven’t got a clue how to seduce your partner: no worries! We will tell you exactly how to to seduce your partner in no time.

Before you and your boyfriend get to the bedroom, you can be the one to make the first move. Send him a naughty message and tell him – as detailed as possible –  about one of your wildest fantasies. Tell him what outfit you are wearing and what particular role he is playing in your fantasy. Make sure he imagines everything clearly. The goal here is to not let him think about anything else but your fantasy throughout the day. 

Men are visual beings and even though they prefer to see you naked, men find it most exciting if you wear a revealing outfit or lingerie, like a sexy bodysuit with girdles and stockings. Then top it off with a pair of high heels and red lipstick. When he sees you like this it will drive him crazy with desire.

To set the mood, choose the right kind of music. Create a Spotify playlist with all your favorite (sexy) songs and turn it on. You can also start the playlist while dressing up. This will relax you and get you in the mood.  

Seduce him with your sexy dance moves. You don’t have to start twerking or pole dancing straight away. Let the music guide you. Try to move your hips, run your hands along the sides of your body and sensually shake your butt. If you want to take it a step further, sit him down and give him a lap dance à la Beyoncé.

During the last step you will present him with the ultimate seductive move. For this move the rule goes: you can look but don’t touch. Sit across from him and look each other in the eyes. Start touching yourself gently: from your face, neck, to your breasts. Touch yourself and slowly move your fingers along every inch of your body. While you’re doing this, keep looking at him. Show him that you enjoy the touch of your hand. Slowly go a little lower, be aware of your own arousal and start playing with yourself. Believe me, nothing turns him on more than this. Do you want to seduce him even more? Tie his hands behind his back teasingly, so that he won’t be able to please himself. 

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