Erotic Story: Warm homecoming
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Warm homecoming

By Yentl, 14.12.2023

“There you are, finally,” he says.

James is waiting for me in the kitchen with a big smile. I throw my purse somewhere in the corner of the chair and look at him most lovingly. He walks up to me with open arms and gives me a firm hug. 

“I’ve been looking forward to this moment all day.”

His voice sounds warm, a bit dark even. We look at each other briefly, before he presses a kiss on my lips. His hands automatically slide through my hair and as soon as our lips loose contact, I ask what he’s been looking forward to exactly. My gaze falls on his wet hair and the fragrance of his shampoo hits me mercilessly. I don’t know whether it’s a combination of the fragrance and the realization that he’s been eagerly waiting for me, but I slowly feel myself getting weak. 

“To the moment that I can touch you again,” he replies. His eyes sparkle like little stars. 

“What did you have in mind?” 

I’ve barely asked before he places his hands under my ass and lifts me up to his waist. I automatically wrap my legs around his hips and my arms around his neck. He laughs proudly, kisses me fervently and carries me to the living room. 

With a loud thud and a kind of excited growl, he throws me into the corner of the couch. With a hungry look I watch as he comes standing before me. Something in his gaze has changed. He has the same dirty thoughts as me, it’s visible in everything. With his fingertips, he playfully pulls the strings of his sweats. 

“Maybe a bit needless to say, but I’m not wearing anything underneath,” he says as he looks at me mischievously.

My eyes slowly wander down to his crotch. He’s right, needless indeed as the outline of his hard-on is already giving him away. We keep looking each other in the eyes wildly for a moment, a look full of longing. Then I move closer to him, curl my fingertips around the edge of his sweatpants and pull them down gently. With each revealed inch, my heart is beating faster and I’ve barely touched him when I hear a growl pass his lips.

His cock glistens with precum. I lick my lips gathering some saliva in my mouth. I grab his boner with both hands, let my tongue slide over his tip, soon followed by my lips. And then I let him disappear further into my mouth. His hands fill with my hair again, greedily this time. 

“Shit, you’re so good at this, “ he says in a hoarse voice.

The more compliments he gives me, the more I give of myself. His taste explodes through my mouth, leaving a longing feeling over and over again. I let one of my hands slide backwards and dig my nails into the skin of his firm ass.

The pace of his breathing picks up, I know I have to be careful now. If it’s up to me, this is far from over, but judging by his posture, he’s getting pretty close already. I bury my nails a little deeper, suck him hard and let my tongue dance around his dick one last time. I look at him proudly and sit up straight.

“You’re driving me crazy, you know?” he says shaking his head.

My gaze remains unchanged and agonizingly slowly I pull my sweater over my head. The corners of his mouth turn up instantly and his eyes follow the movement of the fabric on my skin. Once I’m in just my bra, he lets his fingers slide over the lace. My hard nipples rub against the fabric. Almost begging to be set free. His hand slides behind my back and deftly unhooks my bra. 

With a sigh, I throw my bra over my shoulder. He admires my breasts, and then starts to kiss them heavily. His tongue slides over my nipples and he passionately sucks, bites and caresses them. I throw my head back and loudly enjoy every touch. After much too short, heavenly minutes, he wanders further down. He sits between my legs and starts to unbutton my pants. Our eyes never leave each other for a second.

“So, this is what you’ve been looking forward to?” I ask naughtily. 

“All day,” he answers in a similar undertone. “But most of all to this.”

My pants drop down my ankles and my panties follow barely a second later. I sigh, my body sighs, in anticipation of what’s coming next. 

With his thumb and index finger he firmly takes hold of my chin. He licks my lips and he looks at me intently. Then he takes hold of his boner, positions himself and thrusts into me. A loud moan escapes my throat. He fills me up completely and it feels fantastic. 

He starts thrusting rhythmically. His palms press against the back of my thighs, keeping them mercilessly far apart. My breasts dance to his rhythm and I moan uncontrollably. Guided by his intense gaze I let my hand slide between my legs and start to spoil myself. I get closer and closer to my clit, touching myself more and more wildly. 

“Yes,” he says. “Play with yourself. Don’t stop.”

His encouragement makes my skin glow. I laugh playfully and slightly pick up the pace. My fingertips teasingly caress my clit. The small patch of skin seems to be on fire, swollen and completely crazy.

His light grey t-shirt is starting to show stains. He’s sweating, just as much as I am. Then I feel it coming. My body’s getting hot, my muscles are tensing and the sound of the wetness between my legs reverberates deafeningly loudly through the room. James starts cursing and his movements also show that he’s almost there. 

“Will you come with me?” he asks, panting. “Fuck, you’re getting so tight!”

My hands start to shake, my toes are curling, a certain pressure is building in my abdomen and then it happens. I’m exploding. I feel the fluid flowing out between my legs. Somewhere in the distance I hear James swearing and within seconds his body starts to convulse. My throat bone-dry, I finally catch my breath again. I smile, still a bit tense and completely exhausted. James presses his forehead to mine and rests his nose on my nose.

“Now, do you get why I couldn’t wait?” he asks in a whisper.

I burst out laughing and give him a fiery kiss. Yes, I totally get him.

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