Erotic Story: Delicious start of the day
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Delicious start of the day

By Yentl, 15.06.2023

The deafening sound of the alarm clock brutally rips me out of my dream. Even before opening my eyes, I feel Marco turning around and flailing his arm trying to end the noise as quickly as possible.

As soon as he succeeds, he groans with a sigh and curls his naked body back against mine.

‘Let’s just stay like this for a just a few minutes more,’ he smiles. 

Satisfied, I push my ass in his direction and enjoy his sleepy arms around me. I’m fine with staying in bed a little longer. It’s his alarm clock. As far as I’m concerned, I could just as easily stay in bed like this all day. His body feels warm and I’m slowly dropping off again. Just when I’m almost back in dreamland again, I feel his breath close to my ear. 

‘It’s so good to wake up next to you,’ he whispers. 

His hand trails my waist, moving towards my breasts. For a moment, I forget to breathe and a spontaneous smile appears on my face. I open my eyes and look into his deep-green pair. His sleepy eyes are still a bit small and my god, his tousled bed hair always looks so sexy. 

His fingers disappear under my t-shirt and one of his fingertips playfully traces the outline of my right nipple. I sigh softly, lie on my back and let my hand drop next to me. My hand falls against his boner and without thinking I close my fingers around it. 

‘Hmm,’ he moans. ‘Yes, hold on tight.’

I turn to my other side for better access and rest my head on my other hand as I give him my naughtiest look. His alarm clock goes off again. He lies on his back, grabs his phone and turns off the irritating tune. And then he settles down and with his hands under his head he returns my naughty look. 

I take his boner in a firm grip and slowly start moving my hand up and down. He feels warm and judging by his changed breathing, he likes what I’m doing. He gets even harder in my hand and starts to moan to the pace of my movements. 

‘O, yeah,’ he moans, ‘you’re so good at this.’

With a proud smile I playfully bite my lower lip.

‘Bite mine,’ he says hoarsely.

I bend over, put my lips on his mouth, take his lower lip between my teeth and suck gently. He moans excitedly and slides his tongue inside, where it dances warmly with mine and I feel  sparks of excitement shooting through my body. I push my body closer to his and tighten my grip. 

‘Hmm,’ he moans. ‘Just like that! This is so good.’

Driven by his encouragements, I notice how my body starts to move to the rhythm I’ve adopted. Occasionally, I even moan with him. He grabs one of my breasts and drives me wild when his hand starts a tantalizing massage. As soon as he gets a hold of my nipple, my breathing adopts an irregular pace. In his mouth I mumble how good it feels and encourage him to keep going. He pulls harder and harder and turns the longing knob between his fingertips. He’s slowly driving me crazy, but I do my best not to show it yet. I want this to go on for a long time. 

He puts his other arm under my back and pulls my upper body closer to him, so he can take my nipple into his mouth. His tongue feels warm and wet as he puts pressure on it. Just when I start to wonder how long it would take for me to come from just the stimulation of my nipples, his alarm clock goes off again.

‘Fuck,’ he hisses and he grabs his phone to stop the sound. ‘I really have to get out.’

I look at him with smoldering eyes, pull myself up and climb on top of him. ‘Let me finish this then.’ 

I support his balls with my left hand and gently start to massage them. With my right hand, I grab his boner again. He is very hard now and the head is shiny with all the precum. I position my mouth above it, look at him and drop a blob of saliva on the head. He growls excitedly and little twinkles sparkle in his eyes. Again, he puts his arms under the back of his head for a better view of my next move.

I sit comfortably on his thighs and with full commitment I start jerking him off. His chest rises and falls more heavily. His breathing gets louder and when he attempts to swallow, I notice that it’s difficult for him. It’s so thrilling that I’m the reason he loses control. That I’m the reason for his pleasure and that I have the power in this moment.

My hips move playfully to the rhythm. He slides more and more smoothly through my hand and I feel his thighs tightening under my butt cheeks. His hand grips the headboard of the bed and he moans loudly that he’s about to come. Shit, this feels so good. Powerful and horny as hell. For the last time, I pick up the pace and start to moan along with him. 

‘Come baby, come!,’ I encourage him.

He growls and his body is convulsing under me. His warm seed ripples over my hand, eventually spreading over his abdomen. Panting, he looks at me and smiles proudly. 

‘Jesus, baby, that was so good. It’s your turn tomorrow morning.’

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