Erotic Story: A playful challenge
Erotic story

Erotic Story: A playful challenge

By Sabine, 21.09.2023

We’ve been together for a year now and also had our first real fight by now. All clichés seem to be proving true. First you fall in love, infatuation turns into love and even though I didn’t expect it, I’ve noticed that we don’t have as much sex as in the beginning. Without a doubt, the sex I have with him is the best sex of my life, but we both lead busy lives and unfortunately making love cannot always be our priority.

During our first dates, we just couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We always skipped dessert. All we wanted was to get home as quickly as possible and jump on each other. If I had to go to the office in the morning, I’d set the alarm clock 30 minutes early just so we could enjoy each other again first. If we weren’t together, I secretly sent him photos of my naked breasts or of a new lingerie set I bought. All day long, I thought about his body, his lips, his wet tongue and his rock-hard cock.

I miss that feeling. That adolescent infatuation, that uninhibited horniness. So tonight I’m going to do everything I can to light that fire again. Fortunately, we’re nowhere near being stuck in a rut, and we both have a decent libido. So, I don’t expect it to be too difficult to make his eyes sparkle with desire again. I consider it a playful challenge. 

We’ve agreed that I’ll cycle from the office to his apartment and that we’ll head to the restaurant together from there. It’s sunny outside, so I’m enjoying the bike ride. After a day of hard work behind the computer, I really enjoy cycling and feeling the wind in my hair. With the sun on my face, I think about my little plan. I don’t want to wait until after dinner. No, I want to tease him a little before going to the restaurant.

I step into the elevator to the tenth floor. With my key I open the door to his apartment. He looks up from his laptop as I walk inside. 

“Hello gorgeous!,” he says with a charming smile on his face.

Without saying anything in response, I look him in the eye. I put down my purse and slowly walk his way. I unzip my jacket and smoothly let it slide off my shoulders. When I stand before him, I turn the desk chair so we’re facing each other. I kiss him on the mouth and then focus on his neck. Very slowly, I slide my wet tongue from the collar of his shirt towards his ear.

“What are you up to?,” he asks in a coarse voice.

I notice that he’s already getting turned on, but I am determined to continue. Before I drop on my knees, I plant a kiss on his lips. Once I am down between his legs, I bring my hands to his belt. As I keep looking up, I slowly unbuckle his belt. He holds my gaze intently and sultrily bites his lip. He’s not even aware of it, but his body language shows that he wants nothing more than to be spoiled by me.

I gesture for him to drop his pants, which he does immediately. I scratch his thighs with my nails and see goose bumps forming on his bare skin. I enjoy playing him like this and slide my fingers over his boxers. When I briefly touch his penis, I feel it’s gone pretty hard already. 

“I want you,” he hisses without moving his jaws, moving his large hand to his boxers. 

He takes his penis out and looks from my lips to his hard member and back to me. I get the hint, and secretly this was exactly as I had pictured this going all day. Very slowly, I bend a little further forward until my lips are touching his dick. I softly kiss the top and then let my tongue move up and down his shaft a few times. He moans that he wants more, but I’m not about to give him what he wants just yet. 

I keep licking him with my wet tongue, until his penis is shiny with my saliva. When I look up again briefly, I see the sparkle in his eyes that I’ve been missing for the past weeks. It turns me on to see him wanting me so much, so I hungrily take his hard cock in my mouth. As I slide my lips down, a deep sigh escapes his mouth. It’s as if tension had been stuck in his body that he can release only now. 

I move my lips up and down and hear myself unconsciously moaning along with him. How delicious it is to spoil him like this. Without stopping, I grab one of my breasts. I firmly pinch my own nipples, which are so hard you can see them through my shirt. I alternately knead my left and right breast and feel my whole body yearning for his. I have to keep myself from undressing. I so much want to jump on his lap. 

As I keep blowing him willingly, I fantasize about what it would be like to sit on his lap right now. How wonderful it would feel to push his hard cock into me and ride him on his desk chair. I moan at this horny thought but stick to my horny plan. 

For a moment, I rise slightly to look straight into his eyes again. I let some drool drip down my lips to make his cock extra wet and then dive back into it again. Faster and faster, I move up and down until I feel his cock getting even harder still. This means that he’s close to coming, which also means I have to stop now. Like a true actress, I look at my wrist as if wearing a watch.

“Come on baby,” I say as if it’s the most normal thing in the world.  “We have to go, or we’ll be too late for our reservation.”

He looks at me confused, as I get up and pick up my jacket from the floor. 

“What’s happening?,” he stammers. “What’re you doing? Where are you going?”

“We’re going to the restaurant,” I say as nonchalantly as possible. 

He still looks confused but decides to follow my example and gets up too. With difficulty, he puts his hard cock back into his boxers and pulls up his pants. 

Once we sit across from each other in the restaurant, even the smallest touch feels intense. His fingers running quickly over my hand, his knee touching mine below the table. Every touch seems to crackle. Sex is hanging in the air so clearly that I think even our waitress has noticed. When she asks whether we’d like to see the menu for dessert, I shake my head no without having to think about it for one second. “That’s what I thought,” she answers as she gives us a wink.

This is exactly what I wanted. The thrill is back. We want so much to feel, taste and experience each other tonight that we skip dessert, just like we used to do. All we want now is to get home as quickly as we can and devour each other.

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