Erotic Story: Energizing girls weekend
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Energizing girls weekend

By Yentl, 05.10.2023

We’re going away for a night with the girls. We didn’t succeed in scheduling a city trip because everyone has a full schedule, but after the umpteenth date logger we managed to book a wellness weekend together. We leave on Saturday morning, we’ll spend one night in a fancy hotel, including diner and will go back home as late as possible on Sunday night. Everyone is determined to get as much out of it as possible. 

I’ve worked hard all summer and am more than ready for a weekend of relaxation and fun. Relaxing in the sauna with the girls and catching up in the jacuzzi. If you ask me, we should be doing this at least four times a year, but you know how it goes. Everyone is busy with work, love, family and a thousand other things, so we should be happy if we manage to go away with the four of us once a year.

This year, Yael arranged our destination and decided who’s sharing rooms. She and I will be roommates and the other two girls will share the room next to ours. When we arrive in the hotel, we throw our overnight bags down to quickly change into the bathrobes already hanging in the closet. Wearing only a bathrobe and our slippers, the four of us walk through the corridors towards the large spa that is attached to the hotel.

We walk to the bubble bath first, and it feels a little uncomfortable to take off our bathrobes for the first time. Yael sets the example and is the first to hang her bathrobe on a hook. I can’t resist to check out what she looks like naked. Her hair is strawberry blond but I’m still surprised that her body is dotted with freckles. I can’t tell if her vulva hair is reddish, because she shaved it all off. Before I get to take a good look at her she steps into the water, her beautiful body disappearing in the bubbles. 

The other two girls and I follow quickly and once we’re shoulder-deep into the water, being naked doesn’t feel uncomfortable to us anymore. One by one we start to tell about our lives and what has been bothering us lately. We give each other advice and a pep talk here and there and of course there is a lot of laughter. Old memories are recalled and with a big smile and twinkling eyes we think back to our wilder times. Especially Yael and I just couldn’t get enough of it…

“I have a surprise,” says Yael late in the afternoon. “Bubble baths and saunas are wonderful of course, but to have us relax completely I booked a massage for us too.”

We follow Yael to a separate part of the spa, where she registers us at a desk. 

“We have two couples massages,” she explains. “The two of us can go to that room in a minute,” she says while looking at me and pointing towards a door. “And you two will be picked up by the other masseuse,” says Yael to our two friends. 

Still a bit rosy from the sauna, I follow Yael. We enter the treatment room where two massage tables are ready. With her back to me, she takes off her bathrobe and hangs it up neatly. She turns triumphantly and extends her hand. ”You can give it to me,” she says. “I’ll hang it up for you.” 

A little tentatively, I slide my bathrobe off my shoulders too and hand it over to Yael. I see her eyes roaming over my body as she takes the bathrobe from me. When she turns back to the wall to hang up the bathrobe, I eagerly use the moment to take a good look at her buttocks. “Fuck,” I think. “Her body looks just as good as it used to.”

There’s a knock on the door and we hear a voice asking if we’re ready. We quickly each lie down on our massage tables and two masseuses enter the room. For sixty minutes, we quietly lie next to each other, while every last bit of stress is massaged out of our bodies. From Yael’s breathing I can tell that she relaxes completely and I can’t help but be a bit jealous of the masseuse who gets to massage Yael’s oiled body.

Later that evening, we sit lazily, relaxed from the wonderful massage, at a table in the restaurant where we are treated to a luxurious four-course dinner. As an aperitif, we are served with a delicious glass of champagne and with each dish comes a matching glass of wine. After my second glass, I notice that the alcohol is beginning to work on me. I keep thinking back to the look in Yael’s eyes the moment I took off my bathrobe. And I wonder if she is curious about my body too. How would it feel to kiss and touch each other.

I have to do my best not to wander off completely and try to focus on the conversation. Yael is sitting at the table across from me and each time she looks at me, I think I detect a mischievous mini-smile on her lips. Once we get to the dessert, I take a chance and stick out my leg under the table. We all dressed up for dinner. Yael is wearing a dress with high heels. When my foot touches hers, I wink at her. Without the other two noticing, I silently take off my shoe and softly slide my foot along Yael’s leg.

Like a lovesick teenager, I gradually try to go a little further. My foot is reaching higher and higher and Yael’s eyes look naughtier with the progress. As we secretly play footsie under the table, above the table we’re enjoying our dessert like nothing else is going on. Thank goodness, one of the other girls says we’d better skip coffee. She wants to use this weekend to catch up on sleep so wants to get to bed early. Yael and I nod approvingly and not much later I’m finally alone with her in our hotel room. I plop down on the bed.

“They asked me if I wanted two separate beds. Which I chose for the other girls, but I thought it would be nice to snuggle up against you,” she says seductively. 

On the one hand, I’m surprised that she dares to say this out loud, but on the other hand I know very well what she can be like and, honestly, we also had a threesome with a handsome man in our wild years. So, I’m no stranger to her delicious body, but it does feel extra thrilling with just the two of us. She stands in front of me and brushes the straps of her shiny dress from her shoulders. And just like that, the dress smoothly falls to the floor. Still in her high heels, she steps out of it and comes even closer. Her breasts are just as perky as I remember them, proudly pointing forward in front of my face.

“Playing footsie under the table was a good start,” she says. “I’d like you to lick my nipples now.”

She’s never been shy and she easily takes charge and likes to organize things. Through the years, I’ve learned that you’re bound to experience something exciting when you follow her, so I decide to do just that this time around too. I grab her buttocks and run my hands up her sides. I shortly massage her breasts with my hands before I let my tongue circle her nipple. She moans softly and stands a bit wider, from which I gather that she wants me to pay attention to her pussy too.

As I first suck one and then the other nipple, I scratch my nails across her body. I run my hands over her back and down her sides. I squeeze her buttocks and caress the inside of her thighs. Looking at her, I put my index and middle finger in my mouth. I bring my wet fingers to her labia and gently start to massage them. Again, she stands wider and gives me space to touch her entire vulva. Once she’s warmed-up, I bring my fingers close to her clit and start circling it. She moans and leans her hands on my shoulders for support.

“Hmm,” she manages to say. “I already fantasized about this during the massage, but you’re doing this so much better than I imagined.” 

“Do you think you can come like this?,” I ask in a hoarse voice.

She nods and brings one hand to her breasts. As I keep moving my fingers rhythmically across her clit, she pinches her own nipple hard. “O, yes,” I hear her say. “Almost there, almost,” she moans. I see how she closes her eyes and the orgasm taking her over completely. Convulsing, she drops into my arms, causing me to fall back onto the bed. For a moment, it’s quiet and, just like in the massage room, I hear her breathing. 

Then she looks up, brings her face to mine and kisses me. She licks my lips and my mouth automatically opens. Her tongue finds mine and I can taste that this is just the beginning. Our tongues dance around each other and she gently bites my bottom lip. She licks and kisses me in my neck and then whispers in my ear that she wants more. 

“Come on,” I say, hoping that we mean the same thing.

Confidently, she crawls up and positions herself above my face. I dig my nails into her buttocks while she fills her hands with her beautiful breasts. I stick out my tongue and she eagerly starts moving back and forth. I taste her sweet femininity while she rides my face as if her life depends on it. It doesn’t take long before I feel her hands in my hair and hear her moaning loudly that she’s coming. She pushes her clit against my mouth and comes with jerking movements.

When her panting has receded, she climbs off of me and walks to her bag. She takes out a bottle of massage oil and pours some on her breasts. While she spreads the oil on her beautiful breasts, she gestures for me to lie down in the middle of the bed. “Now, you’re in for a treat,” she says as she looks at me provocatively. My breath quickens. I can’t wait…

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