Erotic Story: How did I deserve this
Erotic story

Erotic Story: How did I deserve this

By Sabine, 04.05.2023

I feel his breath on my neck as he bends me over slightly. He positions my right hand around the cue and points out which ball I should hit. Our bodies are so close, I can feel his warmth on my back. I try to focus on the pool table, but notice that my mind keeps wandering. 

Even though I’ve barely known him for 30 minutes, it feels familiar. I feel relaxed and at ease. It feels good to be so close to him. The bit of air that’s still between our bodies is charged. There’s something in the air. I wonder if he feels it too but, so far, he seems to be more preoccupied with the tactics of the game than with seduction tactics. 

What would happen if I make the first move. I push my butt back a little to see how he reacts. Very briefly, I feel his body tense. As if he was shocked by my butt against his crotch. Still, he keeps leaning against me. In turn, he bends over a little further with the excuse that I’m not holding the pool cue properly yet. We’re almost glued together now. My lower abdomen starts to tingle. This game can’t last too long. I want more than a game of pool. 

He takes his time to show how best to play pool and I try my utmost to let him notice I’m open to much more than this game of pool. Gliding my hand smoothly up and down the pool cue, I proudly stick my ass back and show off my flexibility by bending over the pool table. With every move I make, I try to let my body touch his. Through our clothes, I can feel his body slowly warming up. 

When the last ball’s been played, I look at him questioningly. He nods and, without saying a word, we understand each other. We’re leaving. Without hesitation, I follow this stranger out of the bar. Barely an hour ago, we laid eyes on each other for the first time and now I’m about to jump on the back of his bike. I don’t even ask where we’re going. I’m sure I want to go with him. I have to go even. My head has nothing to do with this anymore. My body takes over, and it knows exactly what she wants. 

Not much later, we’re standing in his living room. We both want more than just feeling each other out. I want to touch, taste, experience him. I walk up to him. The tension’s been building since the first look that we exchanged an hour ago. The air between us crackles, almost audibly. I walk over to him and put my hands on his neck. The skin-on-skin contact feels almost magical. Of their own accord, our lips find each other. Without having to think about it my tongue feels around, exploring. He kisses me back passionately and lets his hands slide down my back until they reach my butt. As we kiss incessantly, he softly squeezes my butt cheeks. 

Patience has never been one of my qualities, but I’m having the hardest time now. I’d prefer to rip all his clothes off right now. To set a good example, I let my cardigan smoothly slide off my shoulders. When it falls to the floor, he looks up from our kiss. I look at him intently and again he seems to be reading my mind. He lifts up his arms so I can take off his shirt. 

As my eyes wander over his muscular torso, his hands quickly undo his pants. I follow suit and with one movement pull my dress over my head. In our underwear, we face each other. Of its own accord, my body moves closer to his. We continue our kiss until he takes hold of my chin and gently turns my head to the side. He softly kisses the skin of my neck, then gently licks my ear and finally bites my earlobe.

My body tingles at this unexpected touch and my desire for more only grows. From my earlobe he plants kisses on my neck, slowly moving down. He kisses my breasts, which almost seem to pop out of my bra and continues his way down. I feel his warm tongue slide down my stomach. When I look down, I see that he’s on his knees in front of me now. With his hand, he pushes the inside of my leg and I take a small step to the side. He hooks his thumbs under my thong and looks at me questioningly. Looking down at him, I nod yes. 

After my confirmation, he takes off my thong. His tongue slides against the inside of my thighs and I feel my legs going weak already. His hands hold my butt tightly. His tongue twists, licks, and moves over my labia, and I feel myself getting wetter in response. He squeezes my butt, just as his tongue finally touches my clit. I moan with pleasure. The combination of the rough squeeze and his soft, warm tongue is delicious. 

I wonder what I did to deserve this. How did this man suddenly cross my path. This connection cannot be a coincidence. This man, or at least his tongue, seems to be made for me. In a steady rhythm, he keeps licking. I grab hold of his hair as I feel my legs begin to shake. He looks up as he keeps licking steadily. I look at him, until my eyes roll away and my orgasm takes over my body. The climax is intense and takes longer than I’m used to. He quickly rises, puts his arms around me and holds me. 

I feel my body shaking in his strong arms. He pulls me closer and plants a kiss on my head. As I catch my breath, I wonder how this is possible. Where does this man come from, why haven’t I met him before and how is it possible that, without any explanation, he seems to know my body and my needs so well. I sigh contently and blow all thoughts away. I guess I deserved it, I tell myself.

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