Erotic story: The Dunes
Erotic story

Erotic story: The Dunes

By Yentl, 24.03.2022

As soon as we walk back to our car from the beach I playfully slide my fingertips along his back. I knew I chose the right outfit from the start, it’s perfect to make him crazy about me. I feel my short skirt bouncing around my tight ass and while he probably will deny it, I noticed him glancing at my bra strap that’s peeking out my top. He won’t give up that easily but that’s okay. He loves it when I beg for it and to be honest I don’t mind begging for it too. 

My fingers have reached the bottom of his back when we walk through the dunes, grabbing the edge of his boxer. I playfully let one of my fingers wander down, fondling him. Meanwhile I catch his eyes with mine while giving him my naughtiest look, biting my lower lip. He grabs my chin between his thumb and index finger and fiercely gives me a kiss. ‘Control yourself’, he orders me while squeezing my chin. 

We come to a halt, facing each other. My hand slides down the back of his boxers to the front, my fingers dancing around the edge. Just when I’m about to slip my hand in he pushes it away. ‘I want you so bad baby, I think you are so hot’. 

My eyes fill with lust when he asks me how much I want it. 

‘I want to taste you, I really want to give you a blow job’, I answer him as sexy as possible. It’s obvious he is aroused by my honesty. 

‘Control yourself’, he demands again. 

I playfully move the corners of my mouth and before I know it he pushed me further through the dune landscape. 

When we find a quiet spot, we stop. Our eyes are focused on each other, without saying a word I take off my top. Than my bra. I feel my nipples getting hard by the wind. He licks his thumb and slowly rubs one of my nipples. Making it shiny in the sunlight. I feel myself getting wet, I’m horny. I feel like his wife and his mistress at the same time. With a naughty look I take my breasts and play with them slowly.

He obviously can’t control himself any longer. With lust in his eyes he grabs one of my breasts and takes a nipple between his teeth. I let out a short scream. He does it just long enough to make my longing grow even more. When he lets go I rub the inside of my hand on the fabric of his pants. He’s rock hard and pushes himself on my hand. I knew I could make him do it. I get down on my knees in the rough sand. ‘Please?’I ask him while I look up. He’s clearly enjoying the view. Slowly he starts to unbutton his pants which drops down his feet and then slides down his boxers. He grabs my hair with both his hands and holds my head firmly. I give him a naughty smile and then take my warm and moist tongue and slide it over his tip. He starts moaning in no time and I can’t help it but to moan with him. I bury my nails in his buttcheeks and suck on the tip of his dick as if it was the best lollypop I have ever tasted. His grip gets tighter and his breathing gets heavier. 

Suddenly I stop and smile at him. I feel naughty and very horny at the same time. I grab his cock firmly and spit on his shaft, rubbing the moisture all over. Then I take it in my mouth again. He grabs my head even firmer and starts thrusting. Deeper and deeper in my throat. ‘Oh baby, your nails are burning in my skin’, he tells me, panting, referring to my nails grabbing his ass. After a few thrusts I can feel the sperm flowing all over my tongue, wave after wave. 

‘That was so good baby’, he compliments me and pulls me up by my hair so we face each other. I let my hands disappear underneath my skirt, grab my thong and slowly slide it down my legs. Jokingly I let it dangle in front of his face. ‘This is how wet you made me’.
I throw the thong on the floor in the sand somewhere. ‘Your wet pussy is mine’, he smiles and gets on his knees. 

He lifts my skirt a bit, takes my right leg and lifts it on his shoulder, then buries his head between my legs. 

He touches my labia with his thumbs and slowly pushes them apart, letting his tongue explore while his nose is rubbing my clit.  ‘Holy fuck’, is all I can say. 

I can’t help moaning, it’s very hard to control myself. Then he pushes his tongue inside, when he starts massaging my anus with a finger, I grab him tight, pushing me on to him harder. His moisture slowly drips down my upper legs. It feels like he is french kissing my pussy, tasting every available spot down there. 

Then I start to come. My cunt is pulsating in the rhythm of his tongue and I have to remind myself to breathe. I climax hard. Only when the last wave has faded away does he pulls back his tongue. My labia are moist from all the fluids and drops are flowing down from my legs. He grabs my thong out of the sand and puts it in his pocket.

‘Put on your top and bra. I want your pussy to be dripping wet when we get to the car’. 

Obediently I dress myself. I can’t wait to get to the car. This is all that I wanted, I knew begging would help, it does every time. 

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