Erotic Story: Passenger Princess
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Passenger Princess

By Yentl, 11.01.2024

Light flashes of passing lampposts shoot through the car. It’s dark, it’s raining and the highway is much busier than I expected. Max has his hands on the wheel and on the radio the news reader lists a miserably long string of traffic jams. He seems to go on for ages. I press my body into the seat and thankfully I’m starting to feel the effect of its heater. We still have close to an hour to go, but if what they say on the radio is true, we will shortly end up in a traffic jam. A sigh escapes my lips and I look at Max.

‘It’s okay, we’ll get home eventually. With some delay.’ He takes his right hand off the wheel and places it on my leg, right above my knee. The warmth glows through my tights and I feel the piece of skin he’s touching pleasantly warming up.

‘Did I already mention that you look incredibly sexy?’

A smile lights up my face, one I couldn’t even hold back if I wanted to. I look at him with a big smile. ‘Several times, but I really don’t mind.’

Max starts to laugh and playfully squeezes my leg. ‘I’m glad, but it’s true, really. I think you have no idea of all those men’s eyes roaming over your body at the party.’

I chuckle and then stare outside for a moment. I didn’t notice at all, but I wasn’t paying attention to it anyway. My focus was on Max. On the way his pants fit snugly around his tight ass. The way he’d ran his hands through his hair, how he’d curled his fingers tightly around his wineglass and especially the way he’d licked his lips before giving me a naughty look. No, other men were the last creatures catching my attention.

‘Are you proud of that?’, I ask, looking at him intently.

‘Of you, you mean? Always.’

‘No, when other men look at me like that.’

Max starts to laugh. He gives a short snort and squeezes my leg a few more times. It seems he has no intention to put his hand back on the steering wheel any time soon. ‘Would that bother you?’

I slump down in the passenger seat and automatically let my legs fall open slightly. ‘On the contrary, I find it pretty arousing, actually.’

Max bites his bottom lip and tries to repress something resembling a growl. Just as I thought, the bright break lights of the cars in front of us shine through the windshield. And in no time we’re completely stuck. Max instantly takes his hand off my tights and lets out a few sighs and curse words.

‘Hey’, I start, ‘it was okay, right? We’ll just get home with some delay’, I smartly mimic his earlier remark with a gentle tap on his thigh.

‘Such a shame, my mind was already filling up with pictures.’

‘What kind of pictures?’ I can’t hide the curiosity in my voice.

‘Pictures of what I was intending to do with you at home.’ He looks at me intently, with piercing eyes. I can’t deny that those words are enough fuel for filling my mind with the hottest pictures too.

‘Hmm… go on, tell me about it then?’, I ask as I slump down a little further. I take his right hand off the steering wheel and put it back on the spot that he left so hungry. Then I let his hand slide up slowly, under my skirt. What would you do if we were at home?’

Max conjures up the most mischievous smile on his face and presses his fingertips against the crotch of my tights. ‘I have to concentrate on traffic now, otherwise your tights wouldn’t survive.’

I laugh and hesitate for a moment, but then I let my hands disappear under my skirt and curl my fingertips around the top edge of my tights. I lift my ass slightly off the seat to take my tights off. ‘Is this better?’

‘Shit… what are you doing.’ Max laughs as he slowly moves the car along with the traffic jam. Without any effort, a certain tension has nestled inside me. One that’s only too eager to erupt. Let alone talk about the immensely sexy feeling that this brings on. All the things Max wants to do with me are out of the question now, but I can do it myself. As he tries hard not to look at me too greedily, I decide that my thong isn’t needed either for what I’m about to do. With a grin I dangle the small piece of fabric in front of his face.

Max sighs excitedly. ‘Fuck, what are you doing already?’

‘What do you think!’ With an adolescent giggle, I sweep my thong through the car, sink a bit further into the seat and pull up my skirt to give him a good view. Slowly, I let my fingertips stroke my thighs, moving up further and further.

The cars around us gradually start to drive at walking speed and from Max’s look I can tell that it’s a challenge not to touch me. Which only makes me hornier.

My fingertips have reached my groin and they tickle my skin. I laugh mischievously and have a hard time containing myself. As soon as my fingers notice the slightest sign of wetness, I lose control. One by one, I let them slide through my wet labia. With increasing intensity, and with progressing hotness. The sound of my fluid can be heard over the soft music on the radio. I notice that Max’s breath is taking on an unnatural pace and see how he keeps shifting uncomfortably in his seat. Between his legs, I see his hard-on showing through the fabric of his dress pants.

‘Holy shit, that’s hot.’

The cars are starting to move a bit more and I am touching myself more intensely. When I slide a finger inside, a heavy moan escapes my lips. Under my sweater, I feel how my nipples poke against the inside of my bra. I want to be touched, I’m hyper-focused now.

I let my left hand slide into my bra and tease my hard nipple. My moans are getting louder. I tease myself with my right hand. I stroke my clit, slide through my heat and bury my fingertips deep inside of me. The more I repeat this cycle, the hotter I get. My left hand starts pulling my nipple, as if there’s no stopping it.

Next to me, Max lets out a few curse words. ‘I really can’t concentrate like this.’

‘Sorry’, I pant, ‘do you want me to stop?’

‘No, go on. I want to see you come.’ His encouragements turn out to be all I need. As I repeat my movements with increasing intensity, I feel my legs start to tingle. The windows are fogged up and at intervals, a lamppost illuminates my face.

The heat takes over my body and I feel my muscles tightening in wavy movements. I’m getting wet between my legs, even wetter than I already was. And then my orgasm rages through my body full force and I feel my fluid squirting out of me in shockwaves.

‘Fuck, that’s so hot!’, Max growls loudly through the car. He looks at me playfully. ‘If I’d known you were planning to do this, I would have parked the car somewhere.’ I can’t suppress my laughter. I remove my hand from my bra and withdraw my trembling fingers. Naughty as I am, I bring them to my mouth and lick them slowly.

‘Phew.. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any hotter.’

I look at him proudly and then stare at the wetness I’ve left behind on the passenger seat and between my legs.

The cars around us start honking. I jump, and then I’m in stitches. We didn’t even notice that the cars had started to move again. From that moment on, Max’s focus is on one thing only: getting us home as quickly as possible.

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