Erotic Story: I’d do anything for a pass
Erotic story

Erotic Story: I’d do anything for a pass

By Yentl, 27.07.2023

The summer vacation is approaching. That is to say, it is for most of my fellow students. For me, things are still uncertain, because it turns out my thesis hasn’t been approved yet. As of yesterday, the lady who was my thesis supervisor has gone on maternity leave. My thesis was supposed to have been reviewed and approved before she left, but things didn’t work out that way. If you ask me, that supervisor had it in for me, but according to her, I was not meticulous enough and didn’t work according to the assessment framework. 

After a lot of hassle and emailing back and forth, I get one more chance today. I can report with the study coordinator, who’s assigned to assess the doubtful and problematic cases. This is really my last chance to save my summer. I’ve booked two vacations and have three festivals planned, which I can all forget about if I have to rewrite my thesis. So I’ll do my very best. I’d do everything for a pass. I’ve long since put a high grade out of my mind, just as long as I can finish my studies before the summer break.

In preparation, I carefully put together my outfit. I’m walking to university from the subway station in high heels, a dark tight pencil skirt and a white blouse. Mr. Brewer, the coordinator of my department, is waiting for me in his office on the top floor of the building. I’ve never met him before, but I somehow feel I might be able to wrap him around my finger.

Once I reach his office, I knock the door. It swings open and I’m standing face to face with a surprisingly charming guy. It’s not like he’s gorgeous or anything, but I see a charming twinkle in his eyes and he does have an appealing smile. The suit he wears is well-cut, so quite flattering to his ‘dad bod’. Undeterred, I confidently hold out my hand. 

“Annabel,” I say, shaking his hand. “Thank you for making time for me.”

Without letting go of my hand, he looks me up and down. 

“I was curious about you,” he says. “And about your thesis of course,” he adds quickly.

Mr. Brewer sits behind his desk and opens my thesis on his computer. I try to keep breathing calmly and just wait. He peers at the screen intently while seemingly scrolling through my thesis. After a few minutes, he looks up again and asks: “What do you think went wrong?”

I explain that I feel my intentions were not fully understood and that I was portrayed as a student who’s slacking whereas I am willing to do anything to get a pass. At my last words, I see a gleam appearing in his eyes.

“Annabel,” he says. All at once, his voice sounds hoarse and the air feels charged suddenly. “Are you really willing to do anything?,” I hear him say, as he pushes back his chair. I look at him intently and nod in confirmation.

“Then come here, ” he says sternly.

I walk over to the desk and carefully step in between his legs. I effortlessly hop onto the desk and place my feet on either side of his chair.

“Anything,” I confirm once more.

His hands slide up my calves and I soon feel his fingers under my tight skirt. I position my hands on the desk behind me and drop my head back as his fingers explore my body. Because it feels so wrong, this whole situation kind of turns me on. At the same time, I don’t want to spend hours in Mr. Brewer’s office, so I decide to take quick action. 

I hop off the desk and bend over. I roughly turn his head to the side and then softly slide my tongue along his neck. He moans and prompts me to continue, so I drop to my knees. I don’t have to say anything more. Mr. Brewer eagerly loosens his belt and takes out his hard cock.

I gather my hair and ask him to take hold of my ponytail. Before taking his cock in my mouth, I spit on it to make it wet and slippery. I kiss the head and then slowly let my lips slide around his shaft. Because he has a firm hold of my hair, he can determine the pace and I obediently move with him. Every time I reach the top, I circle the head with my tongue and then slide down the shaft again. I hear his breath quicken and gradually pick up the pace.

When I sense his orgasm is getting closer, I stop. Still kneeled between his legs, I look up. He looks a little annoyed. “Why do you stop?,” he pants somewhat indignantly.

“First, I get what I want, and then I’ll finish this for you,” I say, with a naughty look. 

For a moment, it seems as if he doesn’t understand me, but, within a few seconds, the penny drops. His hand quickly moves to the computer mouse on the desk. “I’ll fill in a ‘pass’, okay?”

To tease him, I slide my tongue along his hard cock. “Do you really think this is only worth a pass?,” I ask as I look up at him with big eyes. “Shall we agree that you’ll mark it a satisfactory B if I bring you to a satisfying climax?”

He gives a quick nod and commands me to continue. I do what he asks and take his cock back into my mouth. I move up and down just a little harder and a little faster than before. Even though that ‘pass’ would have been enough, I feel the need to prove myself and give this man the best orgasm of his life. I suck him with dedication until I feel his penis start to pulsate. I look up as he squirts into my mouth with a repressed moan. I swallow his cum and proudly show him my empty mouth.

Then I quickly stand up, grab my purse from the floor and walk towards the door. I turn around and take one last look at him as he still sits there panting at his desk. “Thank you for the B, Mr. Brewer. Have a great summer!,” I call out as I step into the hallway and slam the door behind me… I just can’t wait to start packing my suitcase.

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