Erotic Story: Date night
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Date night

By Yentl, 02.11.2023

“Are you comfortable?,” I ask in my sweetest voice. 

He looks at me a little nervous and I give him a familiar smile, hoping he can relax a little. Lately, it’s been date night at least once a month. Date night sounds as if we’re going out, but in reality it’s a night to take time for each other. This in contrast to the early morning or late night quickies we normally depend on. Which are no less enjoyable than more elaborate sex sessions, by the way.

As part of ‘taking time for each other’, I pull the knots in the ropes around his wrists a little tighter and say: “I promise nothing crazy will happen.”

I see his eyes change, as if somewhere deep down my words reassure him and I plant a firm kiss on his lips.

“I trust you,” he says in a husky voice. He sits up a little straighter and spreads his legs. “Ankles aren’t necessary, right?”

“Ankles aren’t necessary,” I smile back. 

I have to admit that this image of him, here at my mercy, does make my temperature rise. His deep-brown hair, still wet from the shower and a few small droplets here and there running over his skin. He is naked and, as always, very pleasing to the eye. When he smiles at me, little wrinkles appear around the corners of his mouth and eyes. It’s exactly those little wrinkles that make me melt most.

Again I start to kiss him, more extensively this time. Our tongues are enveloped in some kind of slow dance and tension is already building up nicely. My hands slide over his body and squeeze playfully here and there. Sometimes he moans, but we are mainly caught up in our intimate kiss.

When we both let go, his eyes study my face. As if they are looking for a specific expression. I move back a little, to give him a better view. Then I nonchalantly look down, to my bra. I carefully place my fingertips along the lace and gently rub it.

“Hmm, you have no idea how badly I want to touch you now,” he growls. 

With a satisfied grin, I take things up a notch and slide my hand under my bra. I moan and gently close my fingers around my nipple. He can’t see really see this, but I can tell from his reaction that he knows damn well what I’m doing.

“This is punishment, you know I can’t resist those breasts of yours,” he says through clenched teeth.

Behind my back, I unhook my bra and, as charmingly as I can, I drop it on the bed next to me. Walter’s eyes widen and he longingly bites his bottom lip. Right in front of him, I start to play with my breasts. This must be true torture to him, as this is exactly what he loves to do most. 

“Shit, what a view! Can you come a little closer?”

I laugh, but ignore his proposal. 

“Please? Let me have a little taste of your nipple,” he begs.

“Which nipple?,” I ask teasingly. “You mean this one?”

I moisten my finger and start to circle my nipple. The desperation in his eyes is a turn-on and as soon as I playfully tug on my nipple, I hear him begging. 

“Maybe next time,” I grin. “Just use your imagination.”

He looks at me with puppy eyes and starts moaning softly when I continue massaging. The sense of his burning eyes on me is almost addictive. Knowing that he wants to touch me but can’t, is a feeling I will never grow tired of. I let go of my breasts, press my nails in his thighs and playfully run them up and down.

“Hmm,” he says. “You’re driving me crazy with this, you know.”

“I know,” I smile. 

My fingers slide from his knees to his thighs, along his groin and back to his knees. He’s growing between his legs. He is rock-hard and his cock is glistening with precum. 

“Touch me,” he begs softly. 

With my right hand, I take a firm hold of his hard-on and slide my thumb over his tip. His breathing quickens and he softly moans along with my movements. With my other hand, I grab his balls and carefully start to massage them. 

“Shit, this is so good. Don’t stop please.”

For a moment, I look at him, his eyes are closed and his head hangs back, relaxed. His posture radiates pleasure and I feel a sense of pride rising inside of me. 

Then I start to jerk him off, constantly changing the pace, maintaining a firm grip. His moaning is getting louder, becoming more and more contagious. To tease him, I slow down the pace. After some time, he opens his eyes and looks at me with a grin. 

“What are you up to?,” he asks.

I laugh naughtily, lick my finger and run it up his thighs and between his buttocks. His eyes are tense and full of fire. I find his back hole and gently start putting pressure on it. 

“Shit, careful,” he says softly.

“Do you like it?,” I ask curiously.

“Yes, don’t stop, a little further,” he replies.

I carefully slide my finger in. Just the tip first and then deeper, my phalanges too. As soon as I begin to move, Walter starts panting heavily. The rope that I knotted so tightly around his wrists, is now loudly banging the headboard of the bed. Holy shit, I didn’t expect him to react so strongly to this action.

“Fuck, this is so good! Keep going, keep going!,” I hear him say.

Encouraged by his pleading voice, I continue my movements. His body is writhing, it’s as if he can’t really seem to relax, but I don’t stop. As long as he doesn’t want me to stop, I won’t. This really gives me a sense of power. My finger inside one of his most intimate spots. His moaning has become so loud and clear now, so contagious, that, without thinking, I dedicatedly moan with him. Walter starts to curse and again begs me to keep going. With my free hand I take hold of his hard-on and gently start to jerk him off again. At first, to try and see his reaction. And when it’s clear that he likes it, I pick up the pace.

I try hard to keep the movements of my hands in sync. Seeing Walter getting so hopelessly crazy is one of the hottest things I’ve ever witnessed. I feel my panties getting damp, and my insides start tingling longingly. I can hardly wait to feel him inside of me. 

“God, I’m coming. I’m coming!”

Walter starts to growl, his body’s starting to jerk and I feel his skin repeatedly tightening around my finger. Cursing, he manages to catch his breath as his semen flows over his stomach. I can’t wait anymore, I can barely contain myself. I want to feel what he’s feeling too. I take hold of his boner and, while the last semen still oozes from his cock, I lower myself around him. Shit, such pure pleasure. I place my fingers against my clit and gently start to move back and forth, hoping that it’s not too sensitive for him.

“Yes, go on! Play with yourself!”

At his encouragement, I continue, completely immersed in my own stirring rhythm, until I reach my orgasm too.

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