Erotic Story: Daddy’s good girl (part 2)
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Daddy’s good girl (part 2)

By Sabine, 30.11.2023

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I lock the door from the inside and find a corner offering limited view from the outside. I put my phone on one of the tripods of the content team that are lying around and position myself in front of an unrecognizable white wall. I make sure that my body is in the picture but my face isn’t visible. Once I’m satisfied with the set-up, I take off all my clothes. It feels very strange, almost scary, but at the same time terribly thrilling to stand naked in front of the camera.

“Hi Daddy,” I say to the camera. I hear the nerves in my voice, but decide to continue all the same. “I left you alone for three days and that’s why I deserve a good spanking. From now on, I will be good and obedient again, because I am yours and that’s all I want to be.”

While talking to the camera, I let my fingers run over my body. My nipples get hard by the slightest touch and I can’t resist touching my pussy too. I slowly turn around so my ass is clearly visible on camera. 

“I’m going to count out loud for you Daddy,” I say in my sweetest voice.

I slap my ass hard and the sound startles me. The slap echoes through the empty office, sounding much harder than it feels. I hit it again and count every slap. After the first ten, I stop for a second. 

“Can you see, Daddy,” I say, completely absorbed in my role. “My butt cheek is already turning red for you.”

I take a quarter turn, and then focus on my other butt cheek. Again I slap my ass with my flat hand. “Eleven, twelve, thirteen,” I hear myself say. I see my handprint on my ass and get a kick from the idea that he’ll see the video soon and knows that he’s got complete control over me. When I get to twenty, I take another break. I turn around, so my naked tits are in view. I gently pinch my nipple while I slide my other hand down my body.

“Am I doing well, Daddy?” I ask softly. “Ten more to go,” I announce before continuing. 

The last ten times I slap extra hard, so both my butt cheeks are glowing red. When I reach thirty, I turn off the camera and send the video. 

From my bag, I quickly grab the outfit I took with me and get dressed. I replace the boring legging with a sexy dress with an open back. I never wear a bra under this dress anyway, but today the thong is also missing. I start up my computer and try to focus on my mailbox and to-do list. Eventually, I do manage to focus on work for about an hour, until I hear my phone buzzing again.

“Well done, baby,” his message states. “I’ll come pick you up at the office soon and when I’m at the door, I want you to come out immediately, without delay.”

After his message, I look out the window more than at my screen. I really can’t really on work anymore so I just give up. I pull open the fridge looking for leftovers from the Friday afternoon drink. I find a bottle of rosé that still has some wine in it and poor myself a glass and go to the mirror with it to touch up my make-up. Just as I put away my lip gloss and take the last sip of rosé, the doorbell rings.

As quickly as I can, I grab my things, lock the door and walk outside. There he is, usually my dearest friend, but today he is Daddy. I walk over to him and give him a hug. I’ve only been away for three days, but it feels as if we haven’t seen each other for a while. His hand immediately sneaks under my dress. I feel his fingers briefly touching my lips.

“Very good,” he says looking straight at me. 

I enjoy being his play thing today and feel butterflies when he calls me ‘good’. I do what he asks and on my bike I follow him to his apartment. On the way, he tells me what my third and last assignment of today is. His immediate neighbor is away on vacation, so there’s hardly any chance of anybody getting off the elevator on his floor. That’s why he wants me to give him a blowjob in the hallway by his front door, as soon as we get upstairs. 

I look at him with wide eyes. “Are you sure he’s on vacation?” I ask. “And there are no cameras?”

He assures me that there are only cameras in the elevator and not in the hallway. For my own peace of mind, I decide to believe him and cycle after him until we reach his flat building. He looks at me naughtily in the elevator.

“You’re not afraid, are you?” he says daringly. 

I am nervous, but I don’t want to let on at this stage. When we reach his front door, I slowly sink to my knees. He eagerly unbuckles his belt and drops his pants to his ankles. I look up as I pull down his boxers. His half-hard cock jumps at me proudly. I lick my lips before bringing my mouth to his cock. I gently suck the tip first, and then I lick the length of his shaft. 

He quickly gets harder and I notice that I’m getting pretty turned on myself. I take his head in my mouth and slide my lips up and down his penis. He leans back against the door and I hear him breathing faster. With one hand, I hold his balls and let the other hand follow my lips. My hand and lips smoothly move up and down, faster and faster over his now rock-hard penis.

“Hmmm,” he moans. “That’s so good baby.”

His encouragement pleases me, so I continue without stopping. I slowly pick up the pace. I let the hand holding his balls slide down to my body. My fingers effortlessly find their way to my wet pussy. I gently circle my clit and at the same time I keep focusing on his hard cock in my mouth.

“Yes, honey,” I hear him say. “Play with yourself.”

Faster and faster, I move my fingers over my clit, and suck his stiff dick harder and harder. Judging by his moaning, his orgasm is close, so I increase the pace a little more. I feel his dick getting just a little harder still and know what it means. If I keep doing what I’m doing, he’ll come within 20 seconds. I look up and meet his gaze. He looks at me with a primal look in his eyes and commands me not to stop. 

A few seconds later, his warm cum gushes into my mouth. I carefully lick the semen from his dick and from my fingers as I look at him proudly. He sighs deeply once and then pulls up his pants again. He reaches into his pocket for his keys and unlocks the door for us. “Come on, honey,” he says. “I’ll poor you a drink. You certainly deserve it, good girl of mine.”

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