Erotic Story: Daddy’s good girl (part 1)
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Daddy’s good girl (part 1)

By Sabine, 16.11.2023

“Because you went on vacation for three days, I get to come up with three assignments for you.”

I look at my phone and read his message again. That’s really what he writes. He wants to give me three assignments. What could he mean by that? What’s he thinking about? I have no idea what to expect, but I trust him and like these kinds of games. So I ask him what he has in mind.

“I’ll give you the first assignment tonight before you go to sleep, so you know what to do when you wake up. You’ll get the other two assignments when I feel like it.”

The dominant tone in his messages surprises me, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t find it arousing. I decide to play along and answer that I will wait patiently for him to tell me what I have to do for him. I spend the rest of the afternoon fantasizing about the assignments he’s going to give me. I expect that he will ask me to film something for him, but I can’t quite figure out what. I am very curious to see how extreme the assignments will be, and how far I’ll dare to go to obey him.

“Your first assignment is called: Panties off,” he writes. “You’re not allowed to wear panties under your clothes all day, and you have to send me photos and videos as proof.”

I quickly try to remember everything I’m doing tomorrow. I’ll be going to the gym, then to the nail salon for a pedicure, to the office in the afternoon and then over to his place in the evening. Under my sports leggings not wearing a string will hardly be noticeable, but it will be tricky to go without panties under a dress. Especially when I’m at the pedicure … 

The next morning, I install my phone with the camera pointed at my waist. I film myself as I squeeze my naked butt into a tight pair of leggings and quickly send him the video before I change my mind. 

“Good morning Daddy,” I add. “I’ve obediently completed assignment 1 for you.”

“Good start,” he replies. “But the assignment will only be completed when I see you tonight and feel with my own hands that you are still not wearing any panties.”

I go to the gym with flushed cheeks. With all my might, I try not to fantasize about the next assignment too much, but I can hardly think of anything else. I can’t seem to focus on my work-out. The more I think about the assignments, the more tension I feel in my body. What does he have in store for me? My imagination is running wild and before I know it, I feel wet between my legs. Fuck, I think to myself. This is my cue. I have to go home now, before anyone here spots the growing stain in my leggings.

Once I’m home, I jump in the shower to cool off. I was actually planning to put on my nice outfit for our date tonight now. But I don’t dare going to the nail salon in a skirt. When I sit on the elevated chair in front of the nail stylist, so she can easily reach my feet, my pussy is exactly at eye level. Normally, I wouldn’t even think about this, but without panties I wouldn’t dare sit in front of her like that. I’ll just put on some leggings again then, I decide. And I take my outfit with me, so I can change at the office later on.

Wearing a fresh pair of leggings and a layer of make-up on my face, I cycle to the salon. Again, I feel that excitement and nice tingling zinging through my body. In theory, of course nothing is visible on me, but I still have the idea that people notice that I’m doing something naughty. I try to keep a straight face while sitting down for my pedicure.. When the idea of not getting to wear panties all day makes me giggle a little, I just say that the scrub tickles my feet.

An hour later I walk out of the salon satisfied with freshly painted toenails. I still haven’t heard anything about my second assignment and have come up with about a hundred things he might make me do. I grab my bike and slowly paddle to my office. On the bike, I cannot resist rocking back and forth on my saddle. Because I’m not wearing anything under my leggings, the seam rubs against my clit. I usually wouldn’t really notice this, but since my whole body is on edge today, even this slight touch feels very intense.

I stand in front of the door to my office when I feel my phone vibrating. My heart skips a beat and I quickly look at the message. 

“You’re alone in the office today, right?” it says.

I quickly respond that I am indeed the only one coming into the office today. He likes my reply, because I couldn’t have carried out the assignment he’s come up with for me if any colleagues had been present. 

“You were on vacation for three days, and so you left me alone for three days,” he writes. “I should punish you for that, really, but I want you to do that yourself today. You have to spank your own ass thirty times, ten times for every day that I was without you. You do this without any clothes on and I want you to declare that you are mine. Of course you film it all for me and send it to me immediately.”

On edge, I enter the office and look around. How many windows are there, and who can actually see inside? I nervously walk up and down to think about how I should do this. Do I even want to do this? Isn’t this going a bit too far? I hesitate for a moment, but in the end my horniness beats my ratio. I want to be his good girl today. 

I lock the door from the inside and find a corner offering limited view from the outside. I put my phone on one of the tripods of the content team that are lying around and position myself in front of an unrecognizable white wall. I make sure that my body is in the picture but my face isn’t visible. Once I’m satisfied with the set-up, I take off all my clothes. It feels very strange, almost scary, but at the same time terribly thrilling to stand naked in front of the camera.

“Hi Daddy,” I say to the camera. I hear the nerves in my voice, but decide to continue all the same. “I left you alone for three days and that’s why I deserve a good spanking. From now on, I will be good and obedient again, because I am yours and only want to be yours.”

To be continued …

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