Erotic Story: Too late
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Too late

By Yentl, 25.01.2024

‘Okay, okay, just for a minute then.’

With a playful wink I start to undress. I have to leave in half an hour and was actually very proud that I was all set to go. But who could say no to such a great guy who, with his sweetest puppy eyes, invites you to join him in the shower? Exactly, no-one could.

With my towel, I wipe the steam from the fogged-up mirror to check my make-up. But I think there’s little chance it will survive the shower jet now. My brain immediately adds up the time I need to patch myself up again.

‘I can barely see anything in the mirror, have you been here long?’

Mike starts to laugh. ‘Over twenty minutes now. I was hoping you’d join me.’

As I pull my sweater over my head, I look at him smiling. ‘You knew I was all set to leave, right?’

In the meantime, my bra’s dropped to the floor and I pull my panties down my butt and hang them neatly over the rack.

Mike opens the shower door and steps back. ‘Sure,’ he starts, ‘but I can still hope, can’t I?’ He wraps his wet warm arms around my naked cold body. The drops fall on me, tingling my skin. When I’m completely under the jet, I notice how cold my body was.

I strain to suppress the desire to put my head against his chest. I take into account that I probably have to re-apply my make-up again, but I’ll try to keep my hair dry though.

‘Hmm,’ he hums loudly. ‘Hardly anything feels better than standing in the shower with you.’

His arms pull me firmly against his naked body and I can’t do anything but let it happen.

‘So what does feel better than this?,’ I ask in a teasing tone.

I can answer that question myself because I know him by now, but sometimes it’s just nice to hear him say it.

‘You know.’

I see a change of mood in his eyes. He goes from loving to fiery, exactly what I hoped for. Because, to be honest, images popped into my head immediately when he wanted me in the shower with him.

I give him a teasing tap on his shoulder. I watch the drops dripping down his firm body. Every drop takes another path and they only seem to fuel my desire more.

‘Shall I soap you up?’

Even before finishing my question, Mike’s already reached for the bottle of shower gel. He takes a step away from the shower jet and then holds up the bottle. I cup my hands and watch how he distributes the gel.

Then he turns around, so I can spread the soap on his back. His muscles contract to the movements he makes, as he soaps up his front. I can’t keep my eyes off him and I start to massage him firmly. To my pleasure, he moans softly and takes a step back so I have better access.

My fingertips feel delicious on his skin. The smell of the shower gel enters my nose and it seems as if all my senses are on edge. Deep down in my abdomen, it starts to tingle.

As my hands massage his shoulders, I let them drop further to caress his bare chest and nipples. Mike laughs mischievously. There’s no doubt about it, he knows exactly what time it is. I press my body firmly against his back and let my hands slide down the front to his manhood. He casually adopts a relaxed stance to give me more space.

My left hand roams over his hot upper body while my right hand has found his hard-on. I playfully soap up his balls and firmly take hold of his entire length.

‘You’re naughty.’

‘As if this isn’t exactly what you hoped for when I started to undress.’

Mike laughs and lets his head fall forward a little. Drops fall from his dark hair and steam evaporates from his shoulders.

I rhythmically start to jerk him off. His breath immediately takes on a different rhythm and I notice that I automatically go along with it. My heart rate goes up and I even notice my mouth getting drier.

After just a few moves, he turns around hungrily. His gaze locks with mine and he presses his wet lips to mine. Our tongues dance around each other wildly as our hands greedily explore every inch of each other’s skin.

‘Turn around,’ he mumbles against my lips.

Obediently, I turn around and place my hands flat against the cold wet tiles. He fills his hands with my hair, that I’ve tied up into a messy bun. Then he firmly pushes me forward. I automatically push my ass back longingly.

He laughs with a growl and gives me a little description of his current view. I bite my lower lip as he presses me forward and playfully pulls apart my butt cheeks. My body braces itself for what’s about to come.

First, I feel his hard-on slide wetly between my buttocks. Firm and pressing against every opening. I shiver with pleasure.

He takes his tip and purposefully presses it against my most sensitive spot a few times. His other hand has grabbed my ass so firmly that it will surely leave marks.

Just when I’m about to beg, he thrusts himself inside me. A loud scream echoes through the damp bathroom.

‘Fuck’, I call out of breath.

Mike starts to laugh. He takes one of my hands and moves it towards my clit. ‘Just play along.’

I lift my right leg against the glass of the shower door and start to play with myself while he knocks firm thrusts into me. It’s very hot and the warm jet adds an extra dimension to what’s happening here. This is even better than I’d hoped. The sound of our bodies slapping against each other, over and over again, is horny as hell, to put it mildly.

After just a few minutes I’m starting to lose it and I feel the tension building in my legs. My moans get louder and am gasping for breath. Mike starts cursing more and his grunts let me know that his orgasm isn’t far away either.

As my legs get shaky, my muscles tense and the heat takes over, my climax explodes uncontrollably through my body. Between my legs, I feel my skin pulsating around his and it only takes a mere three seconds for Mike to reach his climax too. With jerking movements, he empties himself into me, and gasps, telling me how good it feels.

Completely out of breath, he pulls back and my body shudders the moment he leaves it, and I try to stand up straight again.

‘Fuck, that was so good! Shall I soap you up now?’

He looks at me with a proud smile and reaches for the bottle of shower gel.

Still shaking, I look at him and adopt the same postion he had when I started soaping him up.

It’s his turn now. I’m probably too late now anyway.

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