Erotic Story: The first BBQ
Erotic story

Erotic Story: The first BBQ

By Yentl, 13.07.2023

Summer’s finally here! Officially, it has been for a while already, but now it finally feels like summer too. I grab a refreshing beer from the fridge as I secretly watch Steven standing at the BBQ. Our garden is filled with friends and I have a holiday vibe. To say I’ve been looking forward to this is an understatement. I’ve been longing for this, really.

Steven is busy with the meat, the table is filled with finger foods and everyone’s having a good time. I look at Steven for a moment, my eyes roaming to his ass. Shit, it always looks so damn good in those shorts. The way he’s at work and licking his fingers when he spills some sauce does more to me than you might think at first glance.

‘Everything under control, baby?’ 

I look at him with a big smile and playfully trace my fingertips down his back. I’ve known him long enough to know that it gives him goosebumps in all the right places. With a mischievous look, he meets my eyes and one corner of his mouth curls up playfully. Which is exactly the look that always excites me so much. I naughtily squeeze one of his butt cheeks and then slap it.

‘Good, honey,’ he smiles as he winks at me.

I stare at his lips for far too long and finally press my lips to his mouth for a kiss. He shakes his head with a smile, as if he already knows what time it is.

During dinner we exchange a few tense looks, with an arousing gesture here and there. I don’t know what it is with these spring nights, but they seem to make me extra horny. A little later, when Steven has exchanged his T-shirt for a sweater, I feel the flame inside me turn into a blazing fire. He looks so damn good in a hoodie and shorts, and it instantly makes me go weak inside.

With a giggle that should pass for fun laughter, I watch him as he sits down on the loungeset in the back of the garden. Only Max is left now and I do my very best to behave until after he leaves. Which isn’t easy since all I really want to do is drape my body around Steven’s as soon as possible.

From the kitchen I watch how they drink a beer together, and chat and eat the last French bread with spreads. After all these years, I still haven’t figured out what exactly Steven does to me, but his presence alone makes me wet. He stands up with that sexy smile of his and walks over to the kitchen.

‘Won’t you come sit with us?’

His look is caring, but I also see a flash of turn-on in there. He gently takes my hand and gives me an expectant look from under his curly eyelashes. I can’t resist the temptation and press my hand firmly to his chest. With an intense look in his eyes, he guides my hand further down. When we reach his crotch, he playfully moves my hand up and down and I feel him getting harder through the thin fabric of his shorts.

‘I saw you watching me.’

My body heats up and I tensely bite my lower lip.

‘Did you think I wouldn’t notice?’, he asks.

‘When is Max going home?’

Steven starts to laugh. ‘You’re so naughty.’

He lets go of my hand and walks out of the kitchen far too nonchalantly. My heart beats somewhere in my throat and I sigh loudly. I should have known that he’d turn this into a game. I pour myself a large glass of water and immediately take a few sips. The cold water effortlessly makes its way down my bone-dry throat. If he wants to play a game, he can get it for sure.

Excited and full of confidence I make my way towards the two men. They’re talking freely, and are laughing out loud. As charmingly as I can, I sit down with them and join the conversation. At the same time, I put my hand on Steven’s thigh and start to softly caress his bare skin with my fingertips. In response, he quietly runs his fingers through my hair while effortlessly continuing the conversation.

Max doesn’t seem to notice and every now and then I slide a finger under the fabric of Steven’s shorts. He does his best to hide it, but his breathing betrays that it heats him up. For a moment, that gives me a sense of power, as if I’ve wrapped him around my fingers and call all the shots. But I should have known that Steven never plays his game alone.

‘Sorry Max, I think my wife wants some attention.’ 

He looks at me with way too proud eyes and, semi-offended, I pull away my hand. With a grin, he asks me what’s wrong.

‘Nothing,’ I reply. ‘Nothing at all.’

‘Pity, I actually thought you wanted me.’

My eyes dart from Steven to Max, who sips his beer a little uncomfortably.

‘I like it when you touch me like that, so keep it up please.’

My brain is trying to figure out whether Steven is joking, but his look doesn’t reveal anything. Instead, he slumps down, drawing attention to his crotch. 

‘Come on,’ he says teasingly, grabbing his boner through the fabric of his shorts. 

Max is too busy with his phone to notice.

Steven is having too much fun if you ask me, so fuck it. In one smooth motion, I sit on his lap facing him and place my fingers around his throat. 

‘You better watch it, with your games. Who knows I might bite tonight,’ I whisper.

Even before finishing my words, he’s placed his hands firmly around my butt cheeks.

‘Then move,’ he whispers, almost unintelligibly. 

I forget Max. I forget that we’re in the garden where we might even have more spectators. I forget it all. The horniness that’s been stirring inside me all night takes over and I start rubbing his lap with a firm movement. Steven starts to laugh, assuming I intend to leave it at that. With hungry eyes I start to untie his shorts. He looks at me briefly, clearly shocked. 

‘You have to go home.’

In surprise, Max looks up from his phone and studies our posture.

‘Sorry, but you have to go now, unless you want to watch.’

Max starts to laugh, but he stands up as I open Steven’s pants. He nervously wishes us a nice evening. Steven mumbles something in response, but his tongue is already on my neck. 

‘Fuck baby, you really are naughty tonight.’

‘You have no idea, I’ve been hungry for you all night.’

I yank down his pants, free his boner and watch its shiny head pop out. In an instant, my thong is pushed aside. I take hold of his cock and lower myself on it. I groan as I feel how he gradually fills me up. Steven gasps with desire. I grab the fence with my hands and start to move back and forth at a vigorous pace. 

‘Phew… you should have said sooner, then I would have just sent everyone home right away.’

Smiling, with one of his earlobes between my teeth, I ride him, exactly like I’ve been fantasizing all evening.

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