The taste of sperm
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The taste of sperm

By Sabine, 01.11.2021

You might have swallowed some cum before, accidentally or not, maybe you just want to know more about the stuff that comes out of your lover’s penis: we’ve got some info you will appreciate! 


So, we’re sorry to say, but we can’t tell you how sperm tastes, because it differs so much. If you want to get a real taste of it, you will have to go wild and try out as many as you want this fall!

It’s in his food

Does your partner’s spunk taste funky? Try and find out if it’s something in his diet. His food influences the taste of his sperm. Smoking, alcohol and caffeine will create a bitter taste, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and red meats are a no-no taste wise. Fatty foods are also a no-go. If your partner is into fish his sperm will have the same taste. Fruits will make the cum sweeter. Get him to eat some kiwi, pineapple or mango, hmmm, that will help for sure! Drinking lots of water will also create a better taste (flushing out all the waste).

So, it will be fruitalicious?

Don’t count on it. Sperm will be sperm and it will never taste like a delicious vanilla milkshake or a smoothie bowl. But, the taste will be different each time, and giving him the right foods will take you a long way.

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