Why morning sex is the best way to start your day
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Why morning sex is the best way to start your day

By Eva, 25.07.2019

Hitting that snooze button for a thousand times, taking a quick shower and you’re ready for a new stressful day. Wait! Relax! What if you’re able to skip that angry morning mood by starting the day with something way more exciting? Hello, sex for breakfast!

To start your day with a steamy quickie, while the sun rises, or take all the time you need for some sexy-time: you are either completely exhausted just by thinking about it, or you jump out of bed immediately. If you’re in that first category, we hope we have your attention, because morning sex is worth trying. No worries, we’ll explain why.

Sporty Spice

Remember the night before when you thought it was a good idea to start the next day by hitting the gym… Well, the morning after your bed feels even more comfortable than when you stepped in. But hey, why would you hit the gym half asleep when you also have the opportunity to burn some calories while still lying in bed? You’re not only saving time, but you’ve also done something from your to-do list, while the rest of the world is still asleep. Score!

Quality time

That feeling when you can sleep for a short moment after your alarm went off, is really great – we get that. But guess what’s even better? Getting down únder those warm blankets to make sure his dingdong is also awake. Even if he’s still very sleepy, there won’t be any guy on this planet who would say no to some love down there. Besides, some quality time in the early morning is also good for your relationship. None of you can be too busy on this early morning. Double score!

Relax your mind

Climaxing is amazing, are we right? Yep, even while the sun rises and there’s nothing to stress about yet. As you may know, that when you have an orgasm, some oxytocin will pass through the body. It makes you very happy. It’s the best way to conquer that boring day at the office, even when it only works for a few hours. It gives you something to think about during the day when you have a bad moment.

Natural high

When we wake-up after a party, still sleepy and a little bit wrinkly, it isn’t normally the best moment to feel sexy as fuck. But still, even when we’re not ourselves, our partners often prefer these moments and think we’re very attractive. You are not wearing make-up at all, he’s still sleepy and still a little bit sticky from the night. This is the best moment to get rid of all those extras and just enjoy each other’s bodies in their natural way. To make yourself sexy for a night out, can be a concern for later.

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