How to swallow sperm and enjoy it too

How to swallow sperm and enjoy it too

By Sabine, 08.03.2021

Swallowing sperm is something you either love or hate to do. Some people gulp it down like a pro while others have to run into the bathroom to spit it out ASAP. It’s up to you ofcourse. But we can help you out by sharing ways to make it easy peasy. 

Stay safe

Before you start the blow job, you have to make sure he’s free of any STDs. You won’t want to end up with herpes or another STD after the oral gift. STDs like herpes and gonorrhea are easily transferred through mouth contact. That means you can transfer them too! So first get tested, both of you. 

You are what you eat

Women say it all the time, but men should too. When a man eats lots of fruit his sperm will taste a lot sweeter. Does he eat meat and dairy a lot? His sperm might taste a bit bitter. A lot of women are not fond of the bitter taste, so it might help to up his fruit consumption. Especially pineapple is famous for improving his spunk. If he really wants you to swallow, he needs to put in a little effort too. 


Practice makes perfect. You should get used to the taste of sperm somehow. The best way to do this is to practice. He keeps eating all the fruit, you will learn to love his sperm. It’s like drinking coffee, nobody likes coffee when they first drink it, but later on they can’t go without. 

Remember: he thinks its hot

A lot of men yearn for this. Swallowing his sperm gets him so hot and horny. Men might even please you more when you do this for them. Keep in mind that he loves it, and try to get turned on by it too. You will score a lot of Karma points. And then lay back and let him do his thing on you. 

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