The advantages of planned sex
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The advantages of planned sex

By Janna, 13.04.2023

It might sound a lot less sexy than a spontaneous quickie, but we think planning sex is not fully appreciated. Whether you’re living with someone, have a family or both have your own place, we live in a busy world and in any relationship, sooner or later, there may come a time in which sex gets pushed to the background a little. But we get you! We understand that although sex has priority, you sometimes just don’t seem to get around to it. To make sure it stays an essential part of your relationship, it’s not crazy to take out your diaries.


As you then know exactly when sex is on the menu, you can make sure that you are ready to go! Enough time to give your private parts some extra attention, shave your armpits and use a deliciously fragrant body lotion. Though shaving isn’t a must, maybe you can take a shower, brush your teeth and slip on some seductive undies in preparation.


We have to admit, it might not sound that thrilling, but imagine that sex is on the schedule for tonight. You both know it and you both head out to work with this in mind. You can simply leave it at that, but you can also choose to tease each other with exciting texts during the day. Wanna bet it’ll turn steamy? 

More time

Have you made it a habit to treat sex as an agenda item? Then you probably schedule more than thirty minutes for each other. So you make more time for each other. There’s more time for foreplay and more time to enjoy each other. If you do it, of course you do it right. More than enough time to tie each other up, get some toys out and try out that one position you’re curious about.


When planning sex, you make it a priority again and also let your partner feel that you care about this. Another nice bonus; you both know it’s going to happen, so nobody has to take the initiative. At least you won’t get any such reproaches thrown at you!

Well, actually, there’s nothing wrong with planning sex. In fact, it can be quite exciting too. You can even fantasize about it. You can make it your dirty little secret, or flirty little secret, if you let loose with some juicy texts in expectation.

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