The advantages of a quickie
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The advantages of a quickie

By Janna, 16.03.2023

Some might consider a quickie to be a bit tacky and less satisfying than an elaborate romp. But is longer really better? Nah… definitely not! Whether you go wild for two minutes or take two hours of extensive time for each other, this does not really say anything about the quality of your get-together. With a quickie, sheer excitement and thrill come to a quick boiling point. In an almost animalistic way. In the wild, animals often experience such moments of short intimacy, because of the chance of imminent danger that’s always lurking, but this doesn’t necessarily make it less satisfying. A quickie isn’t only bloody hot, it also saves time! And it has even more advantages. 


Let’s face it, a quickie is actually a huge compliment. Literally and figuratively! Your lover wants you, here and now! With a quickie, you both probably can’t hold it anymore. Actions speak a lot louder than words. And in this case they’re also much more enjoyable.


Have you kind of lost your spontaneous side while planning the week? No stress! A quickie usually doesn’t take that long and is pretty much the definition of spontaneity. Although there are also advantages to planning sex, a spontaneous ride probably has a positive effect on your mood. And it also raises the lust factor in your relationship. 

Forget that morning coffee 

Can’t wake up without having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning? And you feel pretty grumpy without it? Try replacing your morning coffee with a quickie for a change! Wanna bet that you’ll get just as much energy from it? Because a quickie can give a huge energy boost! And if you really, really, really can’t do without that cup of morning coffee, save yourself some time by spontaneously jumping into the shower with your lover.


A quickie is very adventurous, as your speedy steamy session probably doesn’t play out in the bedroom. So, it’s a good way to discover new hot spots in your home, or maybe even far beyond! Exciting!

All in all, there’s nothing wrong with a quickie, and it’s anything but tacky. We’d even like to say that it’s beneficial to your health and relationship. Look, we’re not saying that you should forget about having extensive sex parties altogether from now on, but a hot quickie every now and then is definitely recommended!

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