Best Spots for a Quickie
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Best Spots for a Quickie

By Rebecca, 30.12.2019

Whether it is at your place of at a party, quickies are a fabulous way to have a little bit of fast fun.

Sometimes there is a need for a quickie! If you’re at a boring event or if you’re rushing off to a busy workday… sometimes it just feels good to have a little bit of fast fun. Quickies often get stuck with a bad reputation but we’re here to help change that. Quickies are spontaneous, thrilling and pleasurable! Here are some of the best spots you can get it on! Please note that public indecency is illegal in some areas and we would never condone any illegal activities. Please look up the law in your region before trying anything public.

1. In Your Bed
Of course your bed makes this list! In fact, it is probably the absolute best place to have a quickie because it is familiar territory. You’ll be comfortable mentally and physically and you’ll be able to find the best angles right away. Our personal favourite time to have a quickie is in the middle of getting dressed for an event. You’re already half-naked, so bending over the side of the bed is kind of a natural progression.

2. In a Car
Thanks to movies, having a quickie in a car has gained popularity despite how uncomfortable it might be. Unless you have a van with reclining seats, expect some awkward contortions. The car makes this list because you can park just about anywhere for a quickie. Try an empty parking lot for starters. Make sure you don’t honk the horn during your romp because it might draw attention to the steaming-hot car. 

3. On A Hike
If you’re a nature lover, then you can get a little bit of loving surrounded by nature! A private hike can be a great place to get lost in the woods and take a little break. We’d suggest bringing a blanket or a towel if you’re going to be lying down on the ground. Alternatively, there are lots of fun things you can do standing up against a tree! Of course, don’t try this on a popular public trail.

4.  In the Shower
The shower isn’t the greatest place to actually have a quickie because the water can be more of a nuisance by causing friction or getting in your eyes. However, the shower is an absolutely wonderful place for getting intimate with your partner. Soaping each other up can always lead to other activities once the water is turned off. Plus, getting a soapy massage is wonderful just on its own.

5. At A House Party
We don’t suggest trying to have a quickie at a simple wine and cheese event or if you’re one of five couples attending the party. However, if you find yourself at a wild house party with a large group of people, it can be a fun adventure to sneak away from the crowd and find a private room to have some fun. Make sure there is a lock and make sure that you use it. Always respect the host’s rules and belongings.

6. In The Kitchen
Watching your partner prepare dinner can be quite the turn-on! If you have a few minutes while waiting for the oven to pre-heat or waiting for water to boil, you might just have enough time for a quickie! Make sure to stay away from hot appliances so that there are no accidents. Having fun against the sink or on top of your kitchen table can be excellent choices.  

7. Library
Many libraries have private rooms that you can rent for studying. We don’t suggest that you purposely rent it for a quickie, but if you’re already there… it could be a fun opportunity. Make sure the door locks properly and that you’re whisper quiet because you don’t want to be banned forever.

8. Other
Other places for quickies can be seasonal like inside a snow fort or outside on a golf course. Some can be based on luck, like if you find yourself in a totally empty movie theatre. Some can be more daring like inside an automatic car wash or in the middle of the lake inside of a canoe!  Just make sure that you’re doing something legal, that you take precautions not to get caught and that all people involved are enthusiastically consenting to the adventure. If all of those criteria are met… then just focus on having fun!

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