The best sex spots in your home
Sex Places

The best sex spots in your home

By Sabine, 28.03.2022

The public bathroom of a club, in the dunes or on the beach: many women dream about sex outside the home. But you don’t have to leave the house to find a sexy hot spot. The bedroom may be the place where all the magic happens, but some variation can be good for your sexlife. Let us tell you about all the hot spots that are great for hot sex in the comfort of your own home. 

The bathroom

Taking a shower together is hot enough. But you can steam it up by dimming the lights and filling the space with sexy attributes. You can use waterproof toys, light some candles or put on a sexy song. Foreplay is not only a must, but can be really intense when taking a shower. Play with the temperature of the water, give each other a soapy massage or use the shower head for different purposes. Do not forget the lube! It tends to get a bit less slippery when you have sex in the shower, unlike the floor that is. You might want to use a towel for the floor and be careful when switching positions. Hot and steamy in so many ways.

The kitchen

Having sex on the kitchen counter might sound a bit of a cliché, but the possibilities are endless. Let him lift you on the counter and open your legs. Or bend over and hold on to the counter while he takes you from behind. Or make him sit on the counter and give him a mindblowing blowjob. Use all kinds of foods to play with and on each other, lick it all off. Everything is possible! Go nuts! 

The livingroom

The ultimate romantic way to make love is on a rug in front of a crackling fire. Does your home lack a fireplace? Take the rug up to the heater. Why don’t you try out doing it on the side of the couch. Or on the living room table. 

The balcony/ the garden

Does the great outdoors feel sexier? Go out to the balcony or garden! If you have your own outside space you can go crazy and have an exhibitional sex party. The fact that it’s easy to get caught makes it even hornier. If you like to prevent awkward moments with your neighbors you’d better explore the outdoors at night. 

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