Too busy for sex? Here are some tips for the perfect quickie
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Too busy for sex? Here are some tips for the perfect quickie

By Eva, 16.05.2019

Let’s be honest, there are moments in your life when there isn’t much space to discover the body of your lover from head to toe. Even though you wish you had ages of time, sometimes the moment, the location or even the person doesn’t allow you for hours of sexy time. No more stress needed, we will give you the perfect tips for an unforgettable quickie.

Don’t get naked

May sound a bit simple, but couldn’t be missed: keep your clothes on. The less the two of you are losing time by taking of each other’s pants, the more time you have to focus on the sex. And let’s be real, is a quickie even a good one when either one of you still has their pants wrapped around their ankles? So don’t put too much effort in taking his clothes off. Just open his pants and let the fun begin. Hilarious moments included.


Crazy locations

Funny, a bit dangerous and libido enhancing: sexy time on different spots. You will definitely feel wildly like an animal, as if you will get caught in nature. There will be no time to discover eachothers whole bodies, because you never know who or what will find you in that adventurous spot. We hear you thinking, ‘any recommendations?’ Hell yes! Think about somewhere outside like out in the open beach, the toilet of some club or the bed of your parents in law. We know, some spots can be a bit shitty, but will make you very horny at the same time. Need more inspiration? Check out or collection of outdoors videos!


Lead him the way

Yes ladies, skip the bullshit and tell him what to do. Of course, it’s sexy and attractive when you got yourself a man in bed who will find your special spots automatically, but hey, when you are having a quickie, there will be no time to lose. So, don’t wait until he discovered your favorite way of stimulation: take his hand and lead him the way. Yes, literally. Especially when you’re having a quickie with a complete stranger. Tell him if your clitoris needs to be treated with just a soft touch, or that you prefer something harder. It will thank you later.

But don’t forget: little time doesn’t mean little pleasure. Enjoy every second!

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