Sex during pregnancy
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Sex during pregnancy

By Janna, 01.07.2024

Sex during pregnancy – a subject about which stories often go around. Let’s get our facts straight and debunk some persistent myths going around in the world of expecting parents.

Safety first

Let’s start with the most important point: sex during a normal pregnancy is completely safe, unless your ob-gyn tells you otherwise. So, if you’ve been given the green light, there is no reason for restraint. The baby won’t suffer!

Deep penetration – no worries!

One of the biggest concerns is deep penetration and the fear that it might harm the baby. However, nature has designed an ingenious system: during sex, the vagina naturally stretches, creating space between the penis and the closed cervix. The baby is kept safe in its own little world of amniotic fluid, protected by the uterine wall. So, even if your partner is well-endowed, you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Orgasms and contractions

Another fable we need to discuss is that an orgasm would lead to contractions that could cause miscarriage. Don’t worry! The cramps that you may feel after sex are normal. They are simply the uterine muscles contracting a little (which they do after an orgasm). So, unless you’re having a high-risk pregnancy, these contractions are no reason to panic.


Can wild nights in the bedroom actually trigger labor? Chances to that happening are very small. Some women may feel contractions due to a hormone in semen, but the quantity is too small to cause real labor. So, you can freely enjoy intimate moments without having to worry about premature labor!

Bleeding after sex – is that normal?

Bleeding after sex during pregnancy can be unsettling, but it’s often normal as the cervix is more sensitive. During pregnancy, the cervix becomes soft and is easily irritated, which may cause a little bleeding after sexual activity. As long as the bleeding is minimal and there are no other complications, there’s usually no cause for concern.

Baby’s intuition

A common concern is whether the baby knows what’s going on during sex. Fortunately, we can take away this concern! Just like you probably don’t remember what happened during your parents’ lovemaking while you were still in the womb, your baby will have no idea either. They do feel movements and vibrations, but of course they can’t distinguish what’s happening exactly.

In short, sex during pregnancy is usually safe and healthy for both mother and baby. It’s good to communicate openly with your ob-gyn and discuss any concerns you may have, but don’t get scared by myths that have no scientific basis. So, when it comes to intimacy during this special period, you can relax and enjoy it with confidence (and trust your intuition).

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