The best sex positions when you are pregnant

The best sex positions when you are pregnant

By Janna, 28.11.2022

Having sex is often the last thing on a women’s mind in the first trimester. On the other hand, later on in pregnancy, the sex drive can become very high. But there may be concerns as well… “Isn’t he going to poke the baby in the eye?” and “Where do I put that belly?” Sex during pregnancy raises quite a few questions. Don’t worry, his penis absolutely cannot hurt your baby. And what about that baby belly? These four positions are super suitable when you are pregnant.

Musical chairs

Let the man sit in a comfy, stable chair or stool without arm rests. Now sit on his lap facing each other and move your hips up and down, or up and back. In this position, it is a plus that you ladies can set the pace and are in control of the depth of penetration.

Lap dance

This position is a bit like the previous one, but now you move together. The bed is a comfortable place for the lap dance. Sit face to face on the bed and wrap your legs around each other’s body. Rock back and forth together until you find a nice rhythm. This position is intimate and easy-going.


Spooning is not only a comfortably lazy position, but also an intimate one. Especially when you are pregnant, this comfy position is wonderful because your uterus does not press on your bladder this way. Both you and he do not have to move that much. Ideal for when you are just waking up!


The woman lies on her back with her legs over him. The man lies on his side and at a perpendicular angle against her. This way, his hips do not bump into her stomach, but there is still room for (semi-) deep penetration. Another plus: you both have your hands free for caressing. If you want, you can place a pillow or folded blanket under your back for extra support.

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