Piercings and Sex
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Piercings and Sex

By Rebecca, 12.03.2019

Piercings can have the ability to enhance your sex life, but it doesn’t mean everyone who gets these piercings have done them for sexual reasons. As well, it doesn’t mean these types of piercings enhance sex lives of anyone and everyone who gets them.

Piercings are incredibly personal, especially in the more private areas of the body, and each person has their own reason and reaction to the piercings.

We’ve put together a brief overview of different types of piercings that can be of a sexual nature. If you’re interested in getting any of these, make sure to research all of the details and get pierced by a certified and professional piercer.

Safe Sex: With piercings, you have to be even more careful about safe sex because there are some studies that indicate a small increase in the risk of STI transmission with genital piercings. As well, you should never engage in any form of sexual contact until it heals (which can take months).

Tongue Piercings:

There are mixed reviews about whether tongue piercings provide enhanced pleasure during oral sex, so it truly is a personal preference.

For people who want to try to enhance cunnilingus, the piercing should be closer to the tip of the tongue. For people who want to try to enhance fellatio, the piercing should be further back on the tongue.

Your partner might enjoy the extra firm sensation of a tongue piercing against their genitals. You can use it to stimulate the clitoris, the frenulum, or other parts of the body. There are even some jewellery options that can vibrate or have different ridges for different sensations. It’s up to you to experiment!

Nipple Piercings:

Sometimes nipple piercings enhance sensitivity, sometimes they don’t change it, and sometimes they reduce sensation altogether. Nipple piercings can cause the nipple to always be erect, or to be more easily stimulated, or have no impact on what your nipple does.

Most anecdotal evidence indicated that nipples are more likely to gain sensitivity, which can be a great option to increase sexual pleasure.

Once healed, the piercing can be licked, tugged on, nibbled, played with, or be part of any other sensation that feels good.

Make sure to wear clothing that cannot get stuck on your piercing, and always be careful undressing.

Clitoral Hood Piercings:

The most popular piercing on the vulva is the clitoral hood piercing. It is unlikely that the actual clitoris gets pierced, as the procedure for the clitoral hood is much safer. Piercing the clitoris directly can have risks of nerve damage as well as a sensation that is too intense for a permanent piercing.

By having a piercing on the clitoral hood, there is more stimulation against the clitoris at all times – including during intercourse. There are many anecdotal stories of women who can orgasm much easier, more often, in different positions, and multiple times with a clitoral hood piercing. Some women even find pleasure in routine activities like walking or riding a bike.

Other vulva piercings include the inner and outer labia piercings or deeper, more intense clitoral-related piercings.

Penis Piercings:

There are several different types of piercings for penis-owners. Most of these piercings cause good sensations for the person who is pierced, although it also increases pleasure for the person being penetrated.

The Prince Albert is a popular piercings, which is when the urethra is pierced. The frenulum piercing is when the piercing goes through the skin of the frenulum. If you have multiple piercings like this down the shaft, it is called a Jacob’s Ladder.

The Dydoe is when the ridge of the penis head is pierced. The Ampallang, which takes the longest time to heal, is when the head of the penis is pierced. There are also a bunch of other penis piercings if you’re looking for something a bit different than what is listed.

Depending on the penis piercing, the person that is penetrated will have increased sensations from the hard material being rubbed against their interior walls. The wearer might experience more pleasure too, especially as some piercings can keep the penis extra firm during penetration.  


Penis piercings should not cause any discomfort for the person who is pierced or the person being penetrated. There can be an increased need for lubricant, but otherwise sex can be performed as usual.

There should not be any risk of tearing a condom, but this depends on the jewellery chosen. Get used to using a condom with a piercing, and just be gentler until you figure it out.

Piercings are incredibly personal and this is especially true for genital piercings and other piercings that have the possibility of enhancing sexual pleasure. Always read up about the type of piercings that piques your interest prior to heading to the professional piercing studio.

Body modification of any kind must be taken seriously, and these types of piercings will be done with thorough consideration and information.

Have you ever been pierced to help enhance pleasure? Let us know over on Twitter ! We’d love to learn about your experience!

Note: Dusk TV in no way promotes body piercing for the enhancement of sex. The following is for those who are curious about piercings. Take the necessary precautions before and after undergoing such a procedure, including proper care and maintenance.

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