How to take the lead in the bedroom
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How to take the lead in the bedroom

By Sabine, 30.10.2023

Maybe it’s to stay healthy, or to keep your relationship strong, or just because you like it so much: sex is something to enjoy. But for some people it is easier said than done. Many women are too shy or even scared to take the lead in the bedroom. We often rely on our partner to let us know if they feel like having sex. But it’s not always like that. Even your lover will think it’s sexy or horny if you take the lead for a change. Are you the I-want-sex-but-I-don’t-know-how-to-let-them-know type? With these tips you will have all the tools you need to take the lead in some hot and steamy lovemaking! 

Tip 1: Drop some hints
Just drop a few subtle hints by ‘accidently’ leaving a sextool behind. This can be some massage oil, a sex toy or some lube. Does your lover ask you about it? Then go for it! 

Tip 2: Wear something sexy that needs to be stripped
Reveil a small piece of your lace bodystocking, suspenders or sexy bra to your lover and enough has been said. Show this to your lover in a place where you can’t have sex will only increase the wanting. You will be longing for each other so much, it will almost feel like it did when you first met. And by wearing sexy lingerie you will feel more sexy too. A win-win situation!

Tip 3: Passionate kissing
Exchanging kisses is what you do in all relationships, but when is the last time you really took the time to passionately kiss? Mildy touch his or her genitals while you start the kiss, the rest is easy.

Tip 4: Change your routine
Are you always having sex before bedtime? Why don’t you jump him or her when you wake-up, or when you come home from work? By changing your regular sexytimes it will help you let go of any inhibitions you will normally have.

Tip 5: Sexting
If starting the temptation game face-to-face is still too much for you, we would like to tell you more about sexting. You can send your partner a sexy image of yourself through your phones, or just a naughty message telling him or her what they can expect when they get home after work. 

Tip 6: Make your own rules
Tell your lover what to do: undress, sit on all fours, get on top….That will send a clear message about what you are planning, and to do exactly what you feel like doing. We are sure your partner will get really turned on by you taking the lead. 

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