A Night At The Movies: Movie Selections Pre-Sex

A Night At The Movies: Movie Selections Pre-Sex

By Emmeline Peaches, 22.05.2020

Sex and the movies have a complex relationship. For example, the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine found that 70% of sexual relations depicted in movies from 1983 and 2003 were between people who had only just met and, in total, 98% didn’t mention safer sex measures at all. 

But movies aren’t just depicting sex in intriguing ways, they’re encouraging it too. For example, one study by Dartmouth University found that, among younger individuals (of legal age) those who saw more sex from movies tended to become sexually active at a younger age and be more open to exploration, open relationships, and ‘sensation-seeking.’

Sensation-seeking is the keyword when it comes to sex in movies. FOMO is a real-world condition and, for a lot of us, seeing sexually exciting scenes in movies can increases our arousal, create a sense of desire, and leave us wanting to chase our own feelings of sexual gratification.

But there’s more to movie content and sex then first meets the eye. In truth many different types of movie can be perfect for a pre-sex snuggle while priming you for a night of fun ahead. 

Here are just a few suggestions of movie genres to indulge (and a few to avoid).

Horror Movies

These are an absolute classic.

Horror movies often work by building up a sense of suspense and then releasing it with a sudden jolt (a jump scare) or some horrific or unsettling imagery. The leaves you wanting to dive under the bedsheets for safety, so you might as well do it with someone you care about.

On a more psychological level, horror movies trigger the same part of the brain that is used for excitement, thrills, and heart-racing fun. It’s only the perception of this chemical and physiological release that makes it scary rather than sexy. Under the right circumstances these brain processes can be used for a potent night in.

Plus, a good horror jump is the perfect excuse to nuzzle up to your partner’s chest in faux fear.

Avoid: Body horror, torture porn, despair horror. 

Romance Movies

This one is an absolute given but is also a tad more gender related.

In terms of psychology, studies have found that females tend to remember and show much more of a preference for romance movies, though they haven’t taken in to account queer identities and how sexuality might also play a part.

Either way, a good romance is enough to make anyone swoon and to feel you with a sweet, feelgood feeling that encourages a tender night of meaningful lovemaking. 

Just be careful with the romance that you select.

A cheesy romance, something too forced, or a RomCom (romantic comedy) that is done in very poor taste can actually be a turn off, so pick your movie carefully.

When it comes to romances it pays to look at a few reviews first, to find the perfect one for you. Once you have, however, you might have a classic movie night flick that you can revisit again and again. 

Avoid: Cheesy RomComs, romantic tragedies, B-rated romances. 

Art House Movies

Perhaps not what you expected, but hear us out.

Art House movies are movies that are made with a specific artistic vision. They’re independently produced and have a niche market…but they are also often very thought provoking.

While it’s nice to jump on each other straight after a movie, it’s also very valuable to use pre-sex movies to provoke conversation, open communication, and increase your bond before moving gradually to sexual actions. 

Remember, sex isn’t always just about the action, it’s as much of a dialogue as it is anything else so savor the opportunity for an engaging discussion before engaging in other actions together.

Avoid: Tragic art house, dark art house, anything by Lars Von Trier. 

So There You Have It!

Of course, there are many different types of movie out there and, ultimately, your preference will dictate what movies resonate with you. 

We say do your research on romantic films but, really, any movie can benefit from a good check-up before diving in to it. 

Nowadays Youtube is filled with brief reviews that can help you decide what’s right for you, and even in-depth analysis that you can cut your teeth on afterwards, should you wish. 

Just remember – movies are a stepping stone for many different emotions and experiences in our lives, and there’s no reason that sex can’t be part of your personal cinematic adventures.

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