Good foreplay: 5 tips
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Good foreplay: 5 tips

By Sabine, 09.06.2022

Foreplay is an essential component of good sex and its importance is often, unfortunately, underestimated. Most people stick to the same thing: a bit of kissing, touching, feeling and that’s it. Such a shame, because foreplay can be very exhilarating. Not only that, the action can also start way before it’s actually time to get naked. Women especially benefit from a good round of foreplay, in particular before the start of a penetrative act. Here are some tips on how to raise your foreplay skills to the next level.

#1 Sexting

Who said foreplay only ever happens underneath the sheets? Nonsense. The best kind of foreplay already starts hours before you and your lover get it on. Get chatting through social media. Send your sweetheart a naughty message while he or she’s at work. Something like, “Tonight, I want to feel you in my mouth.” Of course, you can always opt for a selfie, but make sure you are being safe.

#2 Kissing

Kissing is one of the biggest turn ons during foreplay, especially if you put your all into it. Often, however, we rush it, since we are so horny and eager to move on to what comes next. That’s why it’s key to truly take your time. Try slow kissing: slowly twisting your tongues, nibbling on his or her bottom lip, or teasingly kissing the other around the mouth.

#3 Tickling

Of course you can always tickle your sweetheart by using your hands, but if you really want to try out something new, get a tickling feather. This will still result in a ticklish sensation, and will be sure to make your partner’s skin highly sensitive and receptive (or yours!). Next stop: a mind-blowing orgasm.

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# A Massage

Get yourself some lovely scented essential oils and treat him or her to an intense, ecstatic massage. Whether you have the skills or not, no worries, since it’s all about the act itself. Not only are you making your partner’s dream come true, any occasion for you to oil up that gorgeous body is a win-win situation. The same goes for your partner: any excuse to lay his or her hands on your sexy body! And keep in mind: take it slow.

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#5 Lap dance

Show your partner what you’re made of by showing off your sexy dance moves. Put on your favourite pair of lingerie, or just get a new pair for the occasion! Seduce him or her with some sensual hip movements. In need of some inspiration? Have a look: video.

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