5 firework inspired sex acts

5 firework inspired sex acts

By Emmeline Peaches, 31.12.2018

Fireworks are a mainstay for main autumnal festivals which is strange when you think about it, given how much it rains in some place in autumn and how poorly fireworks do under wet, windy, and cloudy conditions. When we ring the New Year in it is with the explosive display of fireworks and in the UK fireworks celebrate the failed attempts of an individual who tried to blow Parliament to smithereens (again, quite another contradictory use of them, but perhaps it’s ironic in this case).

Fireworks do not belong in the bedroom but, really, it’s debatable if fireworks have a place in our world at all. Fireworks cause extensive air pollution and a firework display can leave particles of metal and harmful chemicals in the air for hours or days after their brief sparkling moment in the sky.

What’s more the debris from fireworks can cause damage when landing, contains chemicals that may never fully lose their dangerous toxicity, and degrade poorly. They also terrify many domesticated animals, often kill wild ones, and can be a post-traumatic stress trigger for a lot of individuals. They certainly are striking though, there’s no denying that, and the beauty and premise of a firework is something worth preserving…or perhaps doing a little more with.

That’s right! In this article we’ve taken some of the best ideas and inspiration from fireworks and firework displays and are offering up five cheeky ways to make a bang in the bedroom instead.

Let’s promote new ways to celebrate those firework festival events.

#1 Create an Auditory Display

For a lot of people, the appeal of fireworks is heavily influenced by the sound of the whole event. The shrieking scream as a firework shoots off in to the sky, the silence before a monumental bang followed gently with the dissipating crackles of a fading chemical reaction.

If fireworks appeal to you (or your lover/s) for this reason why not utilize that as part of a sensory and sensation play session. Blindfold your lover/s after having lined up your play products for the session and then turn on a Youtube or audio clip of fireworks. Keep it just loud enough that it obscures your actions but not so loud that it disturbs the neighbour.

Use the obfuscation of the sounds to conceal your footsteps and what sensation product your picking up while feeding in each of your actions with the sound of the fireworks. A feather duster for the screaming, perhaps. A paddle for the bang. A pinwheel or brush of a flogger for the crackles. You decide.

#2 Go Visual

Equally it could be the variation in colours that draw yourself or those you’re playing with in to the brightness and brilliance of a firework display. This is harder to mimic precisely at home – that is unless you have a really large TV in your bedroom hooked up to a Google Chromecast or similar streaming stick – but there’s no reason that you can’t take inspiration from it.

Invest in a mood light that changes colour regularly, or buy one of those disco balls which dots the room in swirling variations of the rainbow. You might be surprised just how much changes in colour can do when it comes to atmosphere and mood.

#3 Combine Sensations

We could have stuck purely to the olfactory here by saying ‘invest in some incense’ but, instead, we’re suggesting that full firework lovers go for full immersion. Incense/a smoke producer, mood lighting, and an audio system in the background can work wonders to mimic the entire sensation of a firework display. Except, in this case, you actually get to fuck during.

Some of you may have already done this while at a firework display itself but this time there will be no chills, no rugged terrain, and no insects. Just you, your lover/s and access to your entire toy box to accentuate the situation even further.

Personally, we think this is the better way to go for fun with fireworks. Plus, you’ll likely be able to save the money you’d spend on Catherine Wheels to actually buy more kit for your adult collection.

#4 Come Up With Firework Inspired Play Positions

Take some time between you to go browsing on an online firework retailer’s site and pick a certain number of firework names to write down.

From there put those names in to a hat or bag and, during your play session, take turns pulling out names and creating a play position or action based on that firework’s name.

For example, Catherine Wheel might become a swirling form of fellatio/cunnilingus. ‘Wild Wolves’ (as a firework we found online was called) might involve some rough doggy style. And, ‘Pinnacle’…well, that one’s all in the name.

#5 Decorate Your Lover’s Body With Their Own Fireworks

In perhaps the most pretty of finishers why not get a little bit kinky and invest in some coloured soy candles to create your own firework display?

Wax play might sound aunting but many of the candles used burn at a very low temperature and can be made to feel quite warm when falling on the skin (it’s all about how high you hold the candle).

Dripping different colours on to your play partner’s body/ies, focus on creating the explosive and vibrant displays of a full firework show. Alternatively have them name the type of firework they want you to attempt or blindfold them and have them guess what you’re going for.

One things for sure – the firework display you’ll have come the end will be much less environmentally damaging and leave much more of an impression than the fleeting bang of those that fill the sky.

Emmeline Peaches 

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