15 sexterms you probably never heard about

15 sexterms you probably never heard about

By Sabine, 09.01.2020

Nothing is too crazy, if you get turned on from computers or of somebody you pass on the street and that you want to touch; everything has a name or term.

You can find pretty much everything online these days, also about sex and there’s more to come. You probably have heard terms which you don’t know, or maybe you are even an expert of fetishist and you have tried out or experienced some of the stuff we have set out below.

Take a picture or card, cut out a piece where you can see a naked part of the body (breasts, legs or genitals) and cover it with your bare hand behind the picture, sometimes it even looks real.

Cake farts
This speaks for itself. Yes, it is exactly what you think it is. A cake on a table with a woman above it without having her panties on and then…

Some people find themselves attracted to noses. Whether if there big or small, they want to feel them somewhere on their body. We expect that it will be a spot which is very sensitive.

Doorknob licking
A love for doorknobs. This seems to be hot and happening in Japan: girls licking the doorknob.

This is all about the relationship between people and their car, robot, computer, etc. But not about relationships as we know them. This takes it a step further and is illegal in some countries.

Inflatable suits
Inflatable rubber fetish suits so you look like a gigantic human balloon. Who doesn’t get turned on by this?!

Objectum Sexualis
A form of fetishism but it only concerns an object. Think for example of laundry basket, a truck or maybe even the Eiffel tower. Nothing is crazy enough.

If someone ties up their partner in a form of a furniture piece, this is called forniphilia. We don’t advise you to try this at home, it can be very harmful for the one who is tied up because you have to assume a certain position for a longer period of time.

This goes way beyond than simply use erotic products: it means you get turned on by the idea that you will be eaten of that you eat somebody. There was a man in Turkey who had made an oven from cardboard, completely with doors etc. If somebody told him that he would be baked and would be eaten afterwards, he could come instantly without any stimulation. Don’t mix this one up with sexual cannibalism.

Get aroused by people falling from staircases. Again… don’t try this at home!

You feel attracted to very tall people? Than you would be a macrophilist. People are fantasizing that you are being crushed or dominated by a taller person than yourself.

These people just love teeth. Think of it yourself what you can do with it…

Are you always turned on by having physical contact with a stranger? This could be frotteurism. This is not in the category of having a one night stand. It concerns getting turned on of touching or stroking someone you don’t know.

Have you already tried pronouncing this word? This is not easy… You will probably have the same face if you experience this; this is about getting turned on when somebody harms your penis…ouch!

This is about ears. You can call it ‘earal’ sex. Do you get the joke?

Do you have fetishists which aren’t on this list…. Let us know!

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