Does size matter?

Does size matter?

By Emmeline Peaches, 07.12.2018

It’s one of the most popular sculptures in the world: People travel from all over the globe to look at and marvel at the grandiose form of Michelangelo’s David.

But, look a little closer and you may notice something. David’s hands have been made overly big. This helps with anatomy for people when looking up at the statue (given we’re not exactly 1:1 with this iconic model of manhood).

Look even closer, however, and you’ll notice that another piece of David’s anatomy is subject of size changes…

Measuring A Man’s Member

David’s penis, by societal standards, could be considered as proportionally rather small and, for some, even saying this might make them cringe on solidarity.

We could say “He’s a grower, not a shower” but does it really matter? As with all things, perception is key.

As it stands almost half of men are unsatisfied with their penis size. This despite 66% considering their penis to be average in size.

Interestingly the same body found that 85% of women were satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis. An interesting disparity in the results.

Shifting Size Concerns

But there’s a reason why David’s shaft is so demure by modern standards. Back in the Renaissance part of a man’s masculinity and virility was linked to how well he had self-control, understanding, and confidence over his potency.

As a result the iconic mythological heroes would often be depicted with smaller penises. This demonstrated visually, their control over their sexual urges and their control over their masculine power.

Satyrs and other devious characters, on the other hand, might be shown with larger shafts or even full on erections, indicating a lack of self restraint and morality (especially concerning respecting their potential sexual partners).

To put it another way, in days past it was the smaller shaft that ruled supreme!

The Impact

But what does this all mean for the almost half of the penis-owning population who are unhappy with where they’re at?

The most important things to realize are as follows:

  1. Ideas of the ideal size are cultural and societal. They shift over time and location, as well as between partners. When you realize just how arbitrary public perception is then you can start to come to terms with your privates.
  2. If you find yourself fretting at what others think, remind yourself that we are often harsher on ourselves than others are towards us. Case in point – the 85% who were perfectly happy with their partner. So, even if you are self-conscious remind yourself that such feelings are more about what you think of yourself as opposed to what others think of you.
  3. More important is to recognise that, no matter what your size is, your penis is part of your body and of you. Its size and shape are unique to you and that value of how it looks is not determined by outside forces. Learn to embrace what you have (sometimes literally) and you’ll be a lot happier with yourself.

What To Do If You Do Feel Size Is An Issue

If you’re reading this and you still think that size is a problem for you (one way or another) then there are also a few options open for you.

  • Talk to your partner: If you’re worried that you are too big or too slim for your partner but you’re not sure then simply ask! Communication is key in a relationship. It could be that a long and honest discussion is what you need the most.
  • Consider options to alter yourself: Only after a long period of consideration and discussion, only if you’ve used all other options, only if you’re sure, and only of using professional means. This is an extreme option but some people might need it. Alternatively…
  • Seek mental assurance: Discuss your concerns with a sex therapist, councillor or similar. Again, opt for a professional and retrain your brain to be happy in the (fore)skin you’re in. Finally…
  • Focus on technique: The saying “It’s not about what you have, it’s about how you use it” really can be true. If you feel like you’re limited in size or girth then start focusing on what you can do, what best works with your size, and what your partner tells you they enjoy the most. Remember – sexual logistics can be an issue for those with big shafts as well as small ones (and everything in between) so knowing how to use what you’ve got really is the important element.

The Takeaway

We make think that size rules supreme in our modern society but this isn’t always the case. Learn to accept and own what you have and you’ll be able to give yourself the space and permission needed to master your shaft. Doing so will allow you to feel better in yourself and when pleasuring others. If in doubt just remember David. He may not win any size awards when it comes to his penis but no one can argue that he is one rock hard icon of masculinity.

Emmeline Peaches

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