Why you should totally watch SEX EDUCATION

Why you should totally watch SEX EDUCATION

By Rebecca, 31.01.2019

We have a new favourite show on Netflix! It’s called “Sex Education” and it is so good you won’t want it to end.

While the title might be a bit misleading, it is not in fact, a formal education video series. Instead, it is about a teenage boy with a sex therapist mother that starts running his own underground sex therapy clinic… even though he’s never had sex. In fact, he’s never even masturbation to completion.

“Sex Education” takes you through all those cringe-worthy high school moments, while being hilarious, informative, and quite special. It’s also a show that features male characters that are empathetic, kind, and emotionally open.

Here are a few reasons why we love it so much, if you’re not already convinced!

#1. A Teenage Boy with a Sex Therapist Mother

Imagine being a teenager and your single mom is a sex therapist? Not only that, but the mom tends to have one-night stands with some questionable folk. The house is covered in erotic art and… she’s made sex ed videos. She also tends to cross a whole lot of boundaries trying to discuss her son’s sex life (or lack thereof).

You will also probably be thrilled to see Gillian Anderson play the role as the mom. You might know her a bit better as Dana Scully from The X Files!

Their relationship is as awkward as you can imagine but you kind of end up loving it anyway (and also end up being really glad your mother was never a sex therapist).

#2. Diversity in Sex Problems and Relationships

While Otis, the lead character, sets up his sex therapy clinic, he deals with a wide-range of relationships. He talks to people about gag reflexes, lesbian sex, enormous penises, self-esteem issues, nude selfies, and more. No topic is off-limits, and it is very refreshing to watch a show where these issues are addressed and dealt with in a respectful way – all while still being funny.

Yes, people in high school deal with these issues. People outside of high school also deal with them, so “Sex Education” will give you a good laugh because it is so very relatable.

#3. Diversity in Families

Something I personally love in “Sex Education” that has nothing to do with sex, is the diversity in the families. There are tons of different blended families we meet during the show and it is never really discussed.

It’s just totally normal that someone is adopted or someone has two moms or someone has a dad that looks totally different from his daughter. I find most shows that try to represent blended families make them part of the plot to show off how diverse they are being. Not in this show – it is totally normalized. More shows should follow their lead!

#4. Being a Gay Black Man

I won’t go in to too many details so I don’t give away a big chunk of the plot. However, “Sex Education” deals with the difficulties of being a gay black man in today’s society. This Netflix show addresses some big real issues!

#5. The Whole Set

“Sex Education” is a total pleasure to watch because it combines current events with trends and styles from the 80’s. Somehow everyone is wearing vintage clothing while still referencing pop culture from today.

It also mixes Welsh countryside with American high school tropes. It’s set in present-day Greta Britain, but with a lot of American influence. Basically, a big jumble of whatever they wanted to do, but it works and it makes it that much more universal.

Ultimately, this show is part of the revolution towards having more empathetic male characters. The two main characters actually talk to each other about emotions and sex in a healthy, non-judgmental, non-teasing way. This extends to how they deal with other people around them as well. They also, you know, apologize for their wrongdoings.

The bumbling, awkward, high school kid might seem cliché, but “Sex Education” is so much more.

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