5 sex myths you once believed
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5 sex myths you once believed

By Janna, 15.05.2023

Sex is often talked about, but don’t believe everything you hear. A lot of fables about this juicy subject are going around. While some claims are true, others are completely unfounded. You’ve probably heard that a man with large feet has a large penis too… a classic example of nonsense. The two aren’t even connected! And there are more claims that we will refute here. 

1.  Sex helps to lose weight

Maybe not what you want to hear, but you won’t easily lose weight from sex. A steamy sex session can surely feel like a serious workout, but the kilos won’t fly off. You burn between 85 and 150 kcal with thirty minutes of sex. That’s a bonus, of course, but it doesn’t make much difference for your diet. So let’s just have sex because we like it!

2.  You can’t get pregnant during your period

Shocker! You can! Okay, chances are small, but it’s certainly not impossible! Depending on the moment you ovulate, you could get pregnant from sex during your period. Because his sperm can survive as long as 5 days in your body. If you ovulate early, it could just happen that you do get pregnant!

3. Condoms are a mood killer

Let’s face it; condoms do not have the best reputation when you think of steamy sex. But did you know that putting on a condom can also be a very arousing and sexy activity? And there are different condoms that can even contribute to the sexy fun. Like ribbed, or various flavored variants. Additionally, you are much more relaxed when you use a condom, because you don’t have to worry about STDs or a possible pregnancy.

4. If you are turned-on, you don’t need lube

It’s a common thought that getting wet and turned-on go hand in hand, but your body doesn’t always respond to what your mind is busy with. Maybe you’ve also experienced that you were turned-on, but still weren’t that wet down under. This doesn’t mean you don’t feel like having sex. Hormones, medication or lack of hydration can also cause a Sahara-like feeling. So even when you are very aroused, the use of lubricant can be very pleasant!

5. Leaving before the job’s done works

If you still believe this, it’s time to burst that bubble for the last time now. Because early withdrawal does not prevent pregnancies. Even precum contains sperm cells that might find their way to the eggs undisturbed. Oops!

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