5 reasons why hotel sex is a must
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5 reasons why hotel sex is a must

By Janna, 12.02.2024

You might want to surprise your lover on Valentine’s Day. With a nice dinner maybe, a present or a day away together. But what’s also always a good idea is a night away together. Imagine: a classy hotel room, a huge bed with crispy sheets, a beautiful clean bathroom and each other’s company! So, plenty of reasons to treat your Valentine to a night away! 

Fancy luxurious sheets

What can be more luxurious than those large white sheets with those chic woven stripes? It radiates class, which is exactly the right atmosphere you want to create! More and more people have such sheets at home, but the effect on that huge hotel bed is different somehow. Fancy sheets are the perfect setting for romance and it’s so tempting to jump naked between those sheets! 

Just the two of you

That one neighbor who wants to borrow something, the parcel delivery guy at the door, or a curious house mate maybe. There are plenty of ways your moment of intimacy can get disrupted at home. But you don’t have to worry about this in a hotel. You can create some true uninterrupted quality time there! And you only want to be disturbed for romantic room service, to enjoy an elaborate snug breakfast in bed together. With a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door for housekeeping of course.

Let’s get loud!

You probably won’t stay at the hotel very long; Valentine’s falls on a Wednesday this year. All the more reason to pay less attention to the adjacent room. So that one scream or moan you tend to hold back at home, you can just let it out freely there. You probably (hopefully) won’t even see your hotel neighbors ever again, and who knows they might have a fun night there to.

No old memories

You’ll probably recognize this, a fragment of an ex-lover who you’ve also shared the same bed with in the past. In the privacy of a hotel room you can enjoy each other without memories of other bed partners getting in the way. 

Naughty naughty

Let’s be honest, sex in a hotel always feels a bit thrilling somehow. It provides your own little bubble where no one disturbs you and everything is within reach. Fancy a drink or a snack? You simply call room service. Feel like taking a long hot shower together? You can just take your time. It’s all-in your hands! Want to spice things up a little more? Book a room with a nice, spacious balcony or large windows and challenge each other to go a little further… Have fun. Celebrate love. Celebrate life!

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