Valentine’s recipe voor lust in a 5 course menu

Valentine’s recipe voor lust in a 5 course menu

By Sabine, 11.02.2020

Oh yeah, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. The day when love is all around us. Did you make any exciting plans? Now, you can’t buy us love, but you can certainly find the way to our hearts through our stomachs! What about a romantic diner?  The ambience of candlelight, smooth music in the background and scattered rose petals could really seal the deal! 

Starter: Stuffed avocado 
Avocado contains lots of folic acid and a high concentration of vitamin B6.  This combination will give you the extra physical energy. It will help you to feel good about yourself. And this extra energy is very useful in the bedroom! 

Appetiser: Fig salad
Figs contain lots of amino acids and those are essential for increasing your libido. They also stimulate your sexual stamina. A very good addition to the starter course, don’t you think? 

Main Course: Saffron risotto with tomato
In Greek Mythology saffron was used to excite lust, passion and sexual energy. Study also shows that the exotic spice stimulates the creation of hormones. Apart from that, the herb contains components that counteract with aging, accelerate the fat burning process and even fight stress.

Dessert: Chocolate mousse
Pure chocolate makes you feel good. Mostly because it contains stuff like caffeine and theobromine. That’s the stuff that makes you happy! The anandamide in the chocolate helps too; this creates feelings of lust. And last but not least: chocolate contains phenylethylamine. This is the stuff our body makes when we are in love or when we have an orgasm. Enough reasons to stock up on your chocolate bars right? 

Beverage: Watermelon cocktails
This red colored liquid not only fits perfectly in your day of love…the love potion also contains all kinds of stuff that promote the production of nitric oxide. This leads to the pure relaxation of your blood vessels. They can become incredibly zen-like, watermelons can even have the same effect as viagra. 

After dinner you follow each other into the bedroom. Don’t forget to read our Valentine’s Day idea’s for romantic sex. 

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