5 questions on sex addiction answered

5 questions on sex addiction answered

By Sabine, 13.08.2020

A sex addiction can have a negative influence on your life. A lot of people think that being a sex addict, or hypersexual, is just about having lots of sex or thinking about it a lot. But there is more to it. We’ve collected the 5 most asked questions on sex addiction and answered them for you. 

What is a sex addiction?
You are a sex addict when your lust for sex or porn is excessive or unhealthy. It is a need you just can’t satisfy, as a result you won’t be able to function well anymore and this will affect your relationships with your partner, friends and even family. A sex addiction manifests itself in different kinds of sex, to the point that it doesn’t matter anymore where you get it.  

For example by:

  • Watching a lot of porn
  • Visit sex workers
  • Masturbating several times a day
  • Phonesex
  • Having sex with your partner, more than average

How do you become a sex addict?
The direct cause of sex addiction is hard to pinpoint. It can be caused by several things: trauma or an identity crisis. It might not have anything to so with sex. Your focus on sex will gradually change, tot the extend that you become addicted to sex and can’t live without it anymore. Having sex will release dopamine in your brain, this makes you happy. But after your climax it will fade and the wanting starts all over again. 

How to recognize a sex addiction?
A sex addiction can manifest itself very differently, it does not always mean that you want to have sex all the time for example. It means:

  • The urge to have sex will increase to extreme measures 
  • You want to stop, but you can’t
  • You suffer from mood swings
  • The urge for sex or porn affects your daily life, neglecting your relationship(s), your work and yourself.

What can you do about a sex addiction?
When you are having a sex addiction it is important to find help . This is like a pattern you won’t get out of, it’s not something you can do alone. Consult your doctor or a sexologist. By getting treatment you can enjoy sex again in a healthy way. 

Will you ever completely recover from a sex addiction?
If you are prone to addiction it will be hard to recover completely, as is the same with all addictions. When you really want to have a healthy relationship with sex it is important to focus on other things, find other healthy activities to focus your energy on. Find new goals and celebrate it if you have reached them. Then set new goals. Stay motivated!

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