4 sensual shows on Netflix

4 sensual shows on Netflix

By Rebecca, 03.12.2018

Don’t you love the feeling of finding a new show on Netflix and settling in for the night? Especially as the nights have become much darker much earlier! Well, we are here with some recommendations for your next evening on the couch! These four Netflix shows aren’t necessarily sexy, but they all have sensual elements to them – all in very different ways. You might laugh, you might cry, and you might cringe (okay, you will definitely cringe, but you’ll definitely be glad you checked them out! Here are four sensual Netflix shows you’ve probably never heard of (but you should watch).

Duck Butter (2018)

The premise of this movie is that two women meet at a club, go home together, and spend the next 24 hours having sex and getting to know each other. Naima, an aspiring indie-film actress and Sergio, an aspiring musician, agree to create intimacy through frequent sex and skip over all the regular parts of a romantic relationship. While the directors took some risks, that may not have gone over as well as they had hoped – the movie gives us a unique portrayal of intimacy.

Wanderlust (2018)

This Netflix show starts off with a married couple that is totally in love with each other but looking for different things in life in terms of intimacy. The eight-episode season quickly delves into the world of open relationships, when the couple start dating other people. The act of sleeping outside their marriage initially brings them closer together… until it doesn’t. It isn’t just sex, so expect a lot of heavy topics to be covered during the show, including broken relationships and suicide. On a lighter note, there’s also a super charming teen romance and a glimpse at a forbidden romance between neighbours.

Been So Long (2018)

Michaela Coel (Chewing Gum) plays a single mother who unexpectedly falls for a man who has just been released from prison (for a non-violent crime). Been So Long is actually a romantic musical movie, and does a great job at showing us just how complicated love can be, when your lives are already messy. The whole movie exudes warmth and there is enormous chemistry between the two main actors. It’s a Netflix movie that tackles some of the hard realities of life yet still leaves you feeling good!

Newness (2017)

A movie that starts off with a dating app! Newness is a movie that deals with millennial dating habits, including the indecisiveness and insatiability that comes with having endless possibilities at the tip of your fingers. The two main characters meet on a dating app, eventually move in together, and then experiment with an open relationship due to a feeling like they need more – that they still need something new. While the movie is more focused on the relationship rather than the dating app, expect an unrealistic look at how easy it is to find an online match.

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Headerimage: still from Duck Butter 

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