10 ways to seduce your lover
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10 ways to seduce your lover

By Sabine, 06.06.2022

How to seduce your lover? How hard can that be! You just have to give them that look, wiggle your hips a bit and you’re on, right? Well, sometimes you just need more. If you want something more than the regular, you’ve got to give more too. Be bold and make your partner want you even more by using these tips. 

1. Answer the door wearing…nothing

The message is clear. You want it. Now! It’s a classic for a reason, it never gets old. 

2. Visit wearing only a trenchcoat

Another classic move: your lover answers the door and you’re there wearing nothing but that trenchcoat. Tada! 

3. Get some new toys

Only use toys when having sex solo? No way. There are so many great toys created for couples. Wrap it nicely and present it on your bed. They’ll get the hint…

4. Sexting

Send them sexy messages, like ‘Babe, guess what’s waiting for you at home’. Attach a sexy pic of some lingerie. Or maybe show some lack of underwear, if you know what we mean. 

5. Shower seduction

Jumping in the shower together after a long day is a great way to freshen up. Things can get heated in several ways though. Make sure your partner is clean by soaping each other up. Start with the shoulders, chest and make your way down. 

6. Wear red

Scientific studies have shown us that the color red evokes passion, especially with men. Seduce your man wearing an exciting red outfit. Red lingerie of a red dress. The perfect red lipstick does the trick too.

7. Tease

Give your partner a quick preview, make them want it even more. 

8. Hard to get

Strut your way into your living room wearing a see through dress. Feel their eyes on you, but pretend you’re oblivious to the fact this is hot. Sit down on the couch and don’t let them touch you for the next 30 minutes. 

9. Erotic massage

Who doesn’t like to receive a massage?  Especially if it has a happy ending. Start spontaneously rubbing his neck, shoulders and back. Use lots of massage oil. Tell him to undress. Then continue to massage his buttocks and let your hands slide off to the goods. massage the erogenous zones. Start with the chest, the earlobes, thighs and go down. 

10. Just say it

You want sex. Now. Sometimes the best way is to be really clear about it. Tell them what you want and how you want it. 

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