More men to experiment with sextoys, according to study

More men to experiment with sextoys, according to study

By Eva, 11.10.2021

There’s no shame in using a sex toy. Tv shows like Sex & The City and Sexeducation helped society accept and embrace sextoys. It’s no longer a forbidden topic and almost everybody has a (vibrating) sex-aid in their nightstand nowadays. Well, for women at least. Because it might not be uncommon for couples to use a toy during their sexy times, but for men using them solo is just not as common. But it appears that COVID changed the sexual landscape, according to a new study.

Research by the lifestyle brand LELO found that of 4,000 UK-based males, 41% used a sex toy for the first time in lockdown and 16% are now using a pleasure toy (at least once a day!).

There were various reasons cited for trying the sexy toys. Some were exploring anal pleasure, or boosting performance, others wanted to learn more about personal likes and dislikes, and reaching orgasm quicker.

But that’s not all, over a third of the guys believe it’s easier to orgasm when helped by a toy.

Kate Moyle, LELO UK’s sex and relationship expert, claims there’s a change in the sexual landscape concerning men using sex toys. “We as a society are opening up our ideas about sexual pleasure for both individuals and couples, and diversifying what that looks like.”

“The focus of sexual experiences should be about fun and pleasure and sex toys can really add to this and are a really great way of mixing up sexual routines, and incorporating a type of stimulation that you can’t achieve otherwise”

It might not be easy for a man to know how and where to start. No worries, Kate has some tips that will help you out.

1. Start by choosing the type of stimulation you want to go for (Is prostate stimulation something you would consider?) then take the next step and choose the right toy for the job. 

2. Start off your toy play in a gentle way. Start with the slower settings to feel your way in. Step by step. 

3. Water Based lubricant can really give some extra pleasure. Really. 

4. Even if you want to introduce the toy in sex play with your partner, it’s a good idea to testdrive it solo. This way you know how it works, how it works best for you, and it will probably help you boost your confidence at that. 

The research found that heterosexual men are more likely to use a (vibrating) penis ring while homosexual men generally reach for a butt plug. Single people across sexualities were more inclined to go for a penis sleeve.

We at DUSK are happy about this new trend and hope men will enjoy sex toys as much as we do! 

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