The smell of sex

The smell of sex

By Janna, 17.07.2023

Sex is an intimate act between two, or more, people which is often accompanied by a unique scent. You’ve probably noticed yourself how the room smells a bit like sex after a wonderful sex romp. What you smell exactly is hard to describe, but it’s clear that it comes from the sex you just had. Let’s find out where that smell comes from.

The Complexity of Smell

The human body has its own natural scent, which is influenced by factors like hormones, nutrition and personal hygiene. During intercourse, the natural scents of both partners mix to form a unique aroma. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone smells differently and that this is not always an indication of hygiene or good health. The aroma you smell is a mix of sweat, semen and pussy fluid, which can be pretty hot in the heat of the moment.


The scent that arises during sex is produced by the apocrine glands. These glands are situated in the armpits and genital area, and they secrete an odorous fluid which includes pheromones. This odor plays a part in sexual attraction and can contribute to the sensual experience during intimacy. If you are in love with someone, or find them very attractive, you often like the way they smell too, even if they sweat a little.

Hygiene and Self-care

While it’s important to accept natural scents, this doesn’t mean to say that hygiene and self-care should be neglected. Maintaining good personal hygiene is essential to maintaining a healthy body and can help to reduce any unwanted smells. Make sure to wash your intimate parts daily with lukewarm water. Do not use soap or perfume, especially if you have a vulva. Soap products can upset the pH-balance, which might cause unpleasant smells. And it’s also recommended to use a pH-balanced body wash and shampoo.

Acceptance and Self-confidence

Don’t be afraid to sweat a little during sex. If your partner really finds you attractive, the scents and pheromones released during sex will only be extra arousing. You can smell good sex, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Grow up!

Understanding and accepting the natural scent which arises during sexual intercourse is an important aspect of sexual maturity and self-care. Every adult knows that good sex can be very strenuous. So, sweating during sex is only normal.

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