Missionary 2.0

Missionary 2.0

By Janna, 08.06.2023

For a lot of women and people with a vulva, it’s hard to reach climax by penetration alone. However, the combination of clitoral stimulation and penetration does feel very good for a lot of people and regularly brings on intense orgasms. You can use fingers or a toy during penetration sex to stimulate your or your partner’s clit. Another intimate way to stimulate both the clit and G-spot is CAT. This may sound cryptical, but don’t worry… we’ll explain.

The CAT-position

Let’s start at the beginning. The abbreviation CAT is short for Coital Alignment Technique. That sounds a bit clinical, but fortunately it isn’t. In principle, the CAT-positiion is a variation of the missionary position. With traditional missionary sex, the clitoris is not or barely stimulated. Performed correctly, both the receiver’s clit and G-spot are stimulated, bringing a lot of pleasure.

Vertical penetration

The main difference with this variation is that penetration is vertical instead of horizontal. The receiver lies relaxed on their back on the bed, sofa or floor, or wherever you prefer to have sex. The giver positions their body on top of that of the receiver, just a little higher than you would normally do in this position. Your bodies are positioned parallel to each other. To ensure that the G-Spot is stimulated, the receiver bends their legs and lifts them to make their pelvis tilt slightly.


It may take a while to find the correct position, but it’s definitely worth the effort to experiment, feel and try to find it. Once you’re both comfortable, the penis can be inserted into the vagina. In this position, the pubic bone of the giver rests on the clit of the receiver. Instead of thrusting and pumping, as we often see in porn, the idea of the CAT-position is to not move the penis that far out of the vagina. By rubbing, circling and grinding, the G-Spot is stimulated by the penis and at the same time the clit is treated to the friction of the pubic bone of the giver.


The receiver can enjoy this position all the more with the double stimulation. And your bodies are really close, so it feels very intimate. The rubbing, instead of thrusting, makes the sex feel loving and romantic, with a spectacular climax to top it off.

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