Vegan Kink: Amazing Animal-Free Alternatives for a Happy Sex Life

Vegan Kink: Amazing Animal-Free Alternatives for a Happy Sex Life

By Emmeline Peaches, 25.07.2022

Veganism is on the rise! Multiple companies are offering plant-based alternatives to nutritional choices for hungry consumers who don’t want to damage the environment or health through excessive animal consumption, whether they’re fully vegan, vegan(ish), or simply flexitarian. But what about the other areas where animals get used?

Peel back the wonderful world of kink and adult products and there are a fair few troubling elements for vegans or environmentalists. Leather gear, feathers, fur, and horse-tail whips, and even products that are tested on animals (yes, really!)

So, what’s a vegan kinkster to do?

Thankfully nowadays there are many ways to make your love life much more animal friendly, and here are just a few tips for you.

Swap Latex Condoms For Non-Latex or Vegan-Friendly Latex

Many traditional latex condoms use casein to soften the latex. Casein being a protein that is derived from dairy. Yikes!

Thankfully nowadays you can avoid having some moo in your love-life by swapping out for non-latex condoms, such as polyisoprene condoms, which don’t use casein to soften them. These are also great for people who have latex allergies.

Many companies are now also offering vegan-friendly latex for those who still like the feel and experience of latex. Simply do a quick online search for ‘vegan condoms’ and you’ll find a whole slew of results.

What’s great about these condoms is that they often also come from companies that do charitable initiatives – such as giving condoms for each condom purchased – meaning you can do good while feeling good.

Get Faux-Leather Paddles, Cuffs, Etc.

One of the best things about being kinky is the gorgeous gear that you get to wear, play with, or feel make impact with your skin, but if you’re vegan then the sting of a leather paddle might hurt in more ways then one.

But, huzzah! There are now companies offering faux-leather alternatives to many traditional kink items, including paddles, harnesses, puppy hoods, cuffs, collars, and even feather and fur strokers.

Many of these aim to replicate the look and feel of these products while also still delivering exceptional outcomes, meaning vegan kinksters never need to miss out.

However, if you’re not comfortable with faux items then there are also silicone and neoprene items which can create an equally enjoyable kink session without even alluding to animal products.

It’s always nice to have options.

Select Vegan Lubricants

You’d think lubricant was vegan by default, but no.

Some lubricants are tested on animals, some contain ingredients that were tested on animals, and some contain actual animal urine (classy).

I think we can all agree that when it comes to things we put on or in our genitals we don’t really want to think about animal cruelty, so opt for alternatives.

Find lubricants that either have the ‘happy rabbit’ on them, meaning they weren’t tested on animals, or a clear vegan logo.

Some of the most exceptional lubricant brands out there are vegan friendly. There’s a reason for this – if a company cares about animal welfare then chances are that they also care about customer welfare too. Many brands that advocate for vegan friendly options are also very aware of customer satisfaction and prioritize it, resulting in a safer lubricant overall.

When lubricant can easily be made vegan why accept anything else?

Opt For Vegan Friendly Materials

Silicone toys as opposed to latex ones. Glass, metal, or wood (properly treated wood, of course). PVC vibrators. The possibilities are endless.

If in doubt when it comes to adult products and animal testing or materials then feel free to contact the company that makes the toy. Many are transparent with their testing standards but, generally, as long as you opt for body-safe materials then you’ll also be selecting animal-safe materials too.

Avoid Certain Waxes

Candle and wax play are both popular, but paraffin and beeswax candles aren’t just non-vegan, they’re also dangerous for adult use too!

Make sure that your wax play items are soy based. This allows them to burn at a safer temperature while also being completely vegan friendly.

On that note, make sure to avoid honey or bees wax in other adult products too (such as massage lotions). It is definitely not vegan.

The Takeaway

While being vegan used to be a bit of an adult product nightmare it is now easy to find many vegan friendly alternatives to conventional kink wear and adult play items.

So, why not try going vegan in the bedroom? Not only will it have a massive environmental impact (for the better) but it will also foster a loving and body safe sex life.

What more could you want?

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